What turns you off playing Boundless?


Well that explains! Haha. I was wondering why you weren’t getting any :slight_smile:


waxy earthyam drops from higher lvl world soil like bark from higher lvl world wood, and so on, thought this was clear and i was talking about efficient soil farming :stuck_out_tongue: sry for confusing

. I was assuming that you dont have much experience in this game because of the problems with getting low lvl material and your “miner” build that loses to many fights? Why are u fighting with a miner build? Just get Shadow Epic and mine. Work on the material. Im not referring to any rl job btw lol.Someone help this man pls he doesnt listen to me >.>


I took this and later respecced out of it because it was useless on T4+ worlds. Anything meaty enough to kill you still aggros you.


did u increase ur stealth further with control ( not tried out by myself yet)?
u could also just use agi to run away from everything dangerous until u hit ur preferred mining spot…


Haven’t read squat, just replying to the topic. I have hit the wall… stuck on iron, there is virtually no silver or gold, and gems seem a lifetime away. RIP those power coils I thought I was close to making for a second there.

But I’m gonna keep playing. Just telling you negative thoughts right now. I don’t mind a grind.


see ya on serp :smiley: i welcome u there


They just buffed the rate of surface resources. I got about 200 waxy in an hour just whacking plants earlier on a t3 planet. They are cake now. Problem solved. The devs are working man, just keep your cool. I am sure if you like the game, you will continue to like the game for your normal game-liking duration.


was enjoying the game until the last update with the extra delay to wait on energy refill and if you continue to hold the button down it dose not refill until you let go apposed to before the 199 update


That’s a bug and being fixed.


Yes I added 4 pts into Control at one point but it didn’t seem to help.

I did used to have enough Agility to do that but these days it needs to go into other necessities like atmosphere protections. I doubt even at 50 I’ll have room for it.


What puts me off playing at the moment is going to Serpensarindi, running for miles hoping to find a hotspot away from any portals trying to find some diamonds, dodging all the mobs then getting killed with one shot from a cuttletrunk that I can’t even put a dent in, trying to dig in to get away, being killed again, rocks needing 6 hits, ores and coal needing 12 hits but the worse thing of all is seeing that you only get 1 xp for all that effort for breaking the rocks. I guess a level 31 character with max impulse and kinetic armour is way too weak.

Edit: Decided to go back to base, progress was painfully slow after a couple of hours of just getting a bit of coal and some metal ores. If gems are this much of a grind then I figured I’d have to reconsider the forge, hate the thing but it seems that’s the direction we are being driven in. Started looking at the the recipes and the ingredients just to get some of the basics going and I have to admit I’m am really really struggling to feel motivated with this game lately. Progress has practically ground to a halt and the thought of the endless grind to get any reasonable quantities of all the ingredients that never seems to end is putting me off.


i was trying shadow epic +3 control +5 bonus on serp lvl 5 now and i could walk near 5 blocks to hopper 3 blocks trunks 1 block to spitter. i dropped all my armor and hp and just rely on foot with some points of agi

and theres still this shadow potion option i didnt try yet. Mobs were literally in hammer range without attacking me. U think u can touch the tentacles when u just reach a bit more but then they get angry


Nice! This I gotta see for myself…


hopper farm is good with this build :DD and roadrunner

stealth is a way more op combat attribute i havent considered yet. You can pick out your opponent one by one without getting harmed by anthing else


Ok cheers! I’ll try again on an alt when they’re of sufficient level. I had much worse luck - any Mighty Cuttletrunk on a T5 world would instantly path and aggro as per usual.

Brews can do one though, I totally ignore that bit of the game due to out of whack ingredient & processing work. :slight_smile:


I really wish there was an easier way to chop trees fully down, it takes a lot of time and work to fully remove a tree so that you aren’t leaving treetops all over the place.

Having the ability to save some chat macros would be awesome, and being able to adjust the speed for the chat menu cursor. It takes a little time to type/emote or toggle shout.


I’ve lost 40k coins today due to the trade bug
I had 120k ish in coins
I bought 2 adv powercoils for 33k
After trade I had 40k coins in my inventory
The other guy said that he only got 33k.
It’s been a week playing for nothing.


He scammed you probably.


the game scammed me since I typed exactly 33000.
if he is not being honest it doesn’t matter


The devs have said the trading bug is UI related only and that they’re working on a fix.