What turns you off playing Boundless?


8/8 power, 5/5 hammer, 1/1 hammer epic, 1/1 damage epic, + iron hammer = 1-shot all rocks on T3 worlds.

The tools aren’t your problem, it’s your skill tree.

The real grind doesn’t start till you hit the gem grind lol.


What really turns me off playing boundless is that I cannot currently play boundless because it will not let me leave the sanctum…


The experience drag at lvl 30. Really struggling to lvl up. Also I cannot seem to progress to mining for gems.


I think there is one thing that will definitely turn me off playing boundless…

WoW classic :persevere: :grin:


The lag. It is virtually impossible to do anything when you get bounced around all the time. That and the death penalty that punishes YOU for their server architecture.


You don’t ‘progress’ to mining for gems. You just start doing it. All you need is atmospherical protection and a few stacks of iron hammers. (Some skills for mining of course helps… A lot… :smiley:


focus your skill build more and create other characters to diversify. your lvl 30 character takes forever to lvl but your new alt lvls every 2 minutes


Had well over a year to formulate an opinion here, and a lot of my concerns I brought up along the way. Not to mention the game has change considerably since early access.

Shouldn’t have to be said, but I love this game - I love the development team - and for the most part the community too. Here’s my now very small list of negatives though;

All of these are creative building problems.

  • Limited flexibility with water; if I want to make a water feature, I have to use or dig under existing water, which is at a set height. I really think the game would benefit from the elusive water block we made use of during beta; albeit in a more elegant form, such as a water bucket.

  • The ability to see underwater through windows. Seems like another technical issue preventing this, but I imagine this is one of the reasons people quickly decide against making underwater cities.

  • Limited palette. I understand more planets will pop up over time, but you have a whole range of colours that are technically in-game, but not actually in-game yet. I don’t mind working like a trooper in order to obtain certain blocks, but not having them available at all really limits my creativity.

  • Meaningless props. Like many other sandbox building games, Boundless suffers from the ‘empty space’ problem. Where you create something monumental with actually no real purpose at all. Boundless suffers less than most in this regard, as shops, portal hubs, machine rooms and assault courses are all builds worth visiting, but give us some interactive props to enhance our spaces! (My poor guy has never seen a real bed, let alone used one)


These two points I 100% agree with. I mean, there are 2 planets with the identical colour in gleam blocks. That’s just… Wrong.

And beds, drinking fountains, LADDERS, fridges (I know they’re not necessary, but they can be props), couches, plant pots, some different choices of light, being able to actually turn on/off lights.

And I’m sure a lot of people will tell me those are all useless (except the ladders :slight_smile: but they can give your base a much more lived in feel.


At the moment for me I’m just really annoyed at the limit to the amount of locations we can save.

If we’re going to have many more planets, we’re definitely going to need a (possibly) never ending list. Devs please do something :confounded::weary::sob:


u can save an endless amount… just craft token and store it somewhere and delete from your primary list to have space for more locations. Or are u another one of those people who still thinks that storage space is essentially limited in this game?
U can even go to the location, and store more locations at place, what else do u want?


Being under constant XP penalty due to rubber banding deaths. I mean honestly, my hermit crafter had reached the same level as my main in 2 days, what is that penalty and why does it exist in a game that is supposed to reward exploration, and a game that has network issues.

My main character is literally under constant XP penalty just because I am trying to avoid hazards and I lag into lava or fall to my death, not mention fight an enemy I can easily take and have it lag on me and I take some combo hit I have never seen come at me and perish to refresh my penalty, doesn’t make any sense.

When it comes to material progression, I don’t even bother going past silver, it’s just, I have a job a full time job, why am I forced to work In a game? Whilst being punished for it?

Why in this realm am I seeing copper and iron on tier 5 worlds? Why? Why is there even a tier for world’s then if common tier 1 resources are abundant everywhere no matter the level. Makes no sense when it comes to progression.

As in if I am on a more dangerous world I should only be seeing higher tier materials, I have to dig through the same old garbage I no longer need in order to not find the stuff I need to progress my game, makes no sense.


A lot of end-game recipes require copper and iron. If there weren’t those ores on higher tier worlds, you’d quickly be unable to use the titanium and gems you find to make anything.


Umm copper and iron is everywhere, literally, I am swimming in it, it’s so abundant it’s not even funny.

In terms of progression it makes absolutely no sense. Yes recipes require lower tier materials but if your on a tier 5 world, copper should be as easy as creating an incentive to go back “reason why portals exsist” and make new players a little richer, the wheels keep turning.

If I am at a level where I only need gems, diamonds, and higher level materials, that means in terms of progression I have acquired enough low level resources and coin to continue the journey and make small trips back, incentive.

Progression in this game is like a a Russian car, I would know I was born there, looks and drives and is built exactly the same for the last 60 years, it’s not very rewarding to move past a tier 3 world, it feels the same aside from the enemies.

Did all this mining crafting, building, exploring, dying, selling purchasing and finally being able to open my portal in order to sift through the same old same old, no thank you very much, you seen that in any other MMO? Where for some odd reason higher gear requires level one materials in order to craft high end game Gear? Since when!

Honestly at first it was fun, it is still fun as long as I don’t waste mined, gathered, crafted, forged, and cooked gear to hunt and mine higher level gear I can barely find I order to mine, craft, forge gear I really have no reason to do so.

What is my reason to craft a higher tier item then hold and silver? Honestly, there is absolutely no reason. The reward system is so backwards.


I completely agree with your take on footfall.

My proposal would be to reverse the payout.

Currently the more prestige, the larger the settlement, the more gold per citizen visit you recive.

I would make the the pay out per visit decrease as the settlement size increases.

This way the larger cities will still make lots of money due to high traffic, but the smaller settlements will earn more giving them more money to spend, and more reason to visit bigger cities with the concentration of shops.

It would reduce the wealth spread, give those that wish to not join the established cities more incentive to build away from the cities, and for those that wish to expand and put the effort in the payout from increased footfall would still be worth doing.

Yes, it may mean that a few players will hold before increasing settlement size, but it would stop the large groups from just absorbing everyone else.

I think there would be a good chance this would help to balance the game out somewhat, would be interested to hear others opinions on this?


It’s a nice idea but wouldn’t people just game it and have one plot roads with minimum viable prestige everywhere?


Yeah, I guess there will always be ways to exploit.

There could be systems put in place to kill potential exploits, smarter people than me would be the ones to work all that out.

I’m just floating an idea :grinning:


I cannot make that much storage just to use for that purpose, I’ve got other things that have a higher priority to be stored and items that need to be made. I’m not making each location bigger just to house the storage, that’s ridiculous and also forces people to use up plots when they don’t want to use them. I only have a limited number of plots. I’m not like some players whose main priority appears to be to use as many plots as possible to take up the most space (and then unknowingly annoying the hell out of other players by doing so).


Another thing that I find pretty annoying with the game at the moment is the removal of the wear bar when you look at machines. The one in the machine interface can be easy to overlook. It’s very frustrating to load up a machine the night before with a full queue only to find out the next time you log in expecting to have materials to work with that the machine has worn out with only a fraction of the materials done. Yes I know I should of checked before closing the machine interface but I’m also used to just being able to look along a row of machines and see at a glance how much each one needs repairing. It’s the pointless removal of little QOL things like this that become very irritating.


it’s not a bad idea
but they will just spam mini-cities all over the worlds

there was a popular th about this ‘issue’ some days ago