What turns you off playing Boundless?


From where comes the idea that u need titanium tools just to farm basic material? go to a placid world, take some iron tools and farm near endless amounts. Also later u will need much of the copper and iron to make machined blocks or smelt it to alloy.
no one forces u to do anything in the game. But when u want stuff achieved (and this counts not only for this game) then u need to start moving and get something done. And can u please stop asking why there is copper in the ground. There is. Fact. Get over it.


Thanks, will have a read through.

It does seem pretty clear that some work needs to go into balancing out the system somehow.

Hopefully if people keep suggesting things, there may be something that can be used or adapted.


Started since the delux Edition became playable on PS4. Now that I’ve had a few weeks of play and have progressed significantly I can say I only have 1 gripe. So far my experience has been great. I’m genuinely loving the game, however after the last patch regeneration has become a very serious issue. Most of the rocks I mine for my buildings in the spots I like and mining for gems and ores has now become a nightmare. Before the patch this was no problem and it was very reliable. As well as a decent wait on regeneration. The obscene wait time now for regeneration has made the game extremely grindy and at times a bit monotonous. Hope this is helpful and constructive criticism. Everything else however has met my expectations and more.


That’d be @the-moebius and Aquatopia! Holy hell did that place take over :smiley:


In WoW terms, it’s like being in Drustvar and only every tenth vein is titanium, the others are all copper/iron. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, my current bugbear is also the weird progression/lack there-of.
I’d rather see t4 worlds containing just gold and silver, for example.

Tier 1 - Copper, minor Iron (so you can start saving)
Tier 2 - Copper, Iron, minor Gold (so you can start saving)
Tier 3 - Iron, Gold, minor Silver (so you can start saving)
Tier 4 - Minor Iron (if any), Gold, Silver
Tier 5 - Minor Gold (if any), Silver, Titanium
Tier 6 - Minor Silver (if any), Titanium, Gems!
Tier 7 - as T6, larger Titanium deposits, Gems, minor
Tier 8 - as T7, .
(total guess work on t7/t8, can’t remember how high tiers are expected. By this time I’d assume underground mobs to make larger deposits a trade off)

I believe…iirc…that some of those changes would be possible, I think I recall @james saying somewhere that resources on planets can be adjusted, but I’m not sure if that includes TYPES of resources.

Gem mining - easy fix
  • Chisel blocks retain their original outline instead of the new outline. I want the outline to be the shape I chiselled.
  • Stupid falling to my death in holes hidden by grass
  • Not enough skill points. I know I get more as I level, BUT, I want more now. /tantrum
  • No body clothing !! A loin cloth? Really?
  • No overview map in the top right corner. I would really like to be able to see portals in cities.
  • Partial trees high in the sky from people without a grappling hook. Poor trees. Free the trees!!!

Ok, that’s it. I’m only level 20 so don’t judge me. Even at this level I can tell what irritates me.

  • that you u can’t see or change block orientation when placing them.
    -That you can’t see what your chisel action will do.

  • That you can’t undo your chisel action.

  • The horrible reflection on refined and decorative which ruins the colours.
    -The over powering reflections in the water which doesn’t allow you to see through it.

  • The horrible Diamond / Power grind.

  • The super slow regeneration of gems and ores. Yeah i’m looking at you Serpen

  • Lag, Lag Lag - even with a 40ms ping

  • rubber banding to death at least once daily - even on a 40ms ping

  • the no network error / unstable error - even on a 40ms ping and 9 people on the world


If you want to get creative - block change chisels really help overcome this limitation. For example, there are currently 51 unique rock colors, in a pretty diverse spread


Can those change chisels give you colours not found on any planet? If so you’ve just peaked my interest!


no i dont think theyre supposed to change colors, just type


Not colors per se, but if you have a material say twisted wood in a color that lustrous wood is not found in then you could use the change chisel to “create” the lustrous wood of that color. I’m not well versed in the different colors, however, I have never seen natural lustrous wood in Stark Lavender(it’s a pale almost white pink), but I have an abundance of the twisted wood in that color, so presto chango now I have an abundance of lustrous wood in Stark Lavender and I must say it looks good.


Love the game it get most if my time and attention, but this death penalty man is it a pain. Especially when it keeps going up every time you die thus making it harder to level up maybe not do away with it but at least leave it at a fixed rate of 1-5k


I love the game love playing it everyday after work to me it’s a very chill relax game unless if you want to go into the higher-level planets then it’s more run and gun dodging and weaving but still very fun game currently there been an update that added extra ingredients to different materials I understand the concept for it making certain items that wasn’t useful for anything are now useful as well as giving people a little bit more the need to explore but it makes it a lot more grindy I don’t mind grinding a little here and there but too much grind equals a whole lot of work and like I said I just got out of work I come to play Relax and chill not to work even more but besides all of this it is still a really good game and I still play it everyday besides if there was at least a website like Wikipedia that have more information where to go to find what your looking for in the game then it be a lot more easier for those who don’t like to grind so much problem is there isn’t any really good websites currently out with enough information people are still running around blind trying to figure out where to go to find what there looking for and excetera so its a whole lot of work just to make one item!


The death penalty doesn’t go up each time you die it just resets. You still keep earning xp it’s just that you only keep half of it and the other half goes to paying off the penalty.


What currently turns me off Playing boundless is when the servers are turned off and you cant connect 8(…


Nope, but there’s enough rock colors (for example) across all planets that you’ve got a pretty good range of colors to work with, even with the current set of worlds. Here’s all the rock colors (as sedimentary) for example:


Thanks @nevir.

There’s plenty to use if you’re not concerned with the texture, though if you want a certain brick in Metaphoric for example, or block of gleam - you’re much more limited.


But you can could change all of those sedimentary rocks into igneous or metamorphic with a block change chisel.


Ah, I understand now. Took me a while.

You can for example create a Metaphoric Rock in a colour it doesn’t naturally come in? If so that’s awesome.

Next up is gleam then!


Gleam we need more different colors, there’s no way to change it as yet.