What turns you off playing Boundless?


BUT, you can determine the orientation and keep placing them in that orientation. All you have to do is consistently apply the red “before” image of the placement square in the same place. For instance, if you place a block with the red square against a previously placed block, the orientation will always be the same.

IF you place one against the far wall, it changes. If you place it against the bottom, it changes. IF you keep placing the blocks against the same “edge” as before, they will always line up correctly.


Resources won’t return to those areas I thought given how the regeneration mechanic works. Those people are just wastin’ their time I thought.


How many points in control or HP do you have?

If you are careful you can avoid most monsters, especially with like 3 points in control and 2-3 in HP.

I was farming on Serp at level 25 with 3 points in hp as a miner. I would walk slowly, if I saw something, I’d take the long way around. Only time I got killed was when I fell into lava by accident, and when I didn’t realize how long range some of the enemies were.

I’m not sayin’ it’s easy, but it’s doable.


Sleep…and work.

Both make it very hard for me to play this game.


I do want to share that the development team is very aware of this issue around settlement control. I talked with James personally on a call recently where he stated they have some ideas and are working toward them.

So while a solution isn’t here now and might not be in the near future they are trying to solve it as quickly as possible.


It appears they beaconed around the perimeter, it’s a massive area and goes from mantel to about altitude 30+ And very long. There’s access to the area that the used to distribute the plots and there’s so many exposed resources you get a great haul just having access to that. I’m assuming the inside is not plotted so there will be regeneration in the center.


Interesting. What I know is that if you mine an area a lot, it has fewer and fewer ore/gem regenerate, whether or not there’s a way to avoid that I dunno.

We need more T5 planets that’s for sure.


I completely agree that we need more tier 5 planets, it would improve economy, help us noobs and casual players to advance and also some the advanced players focus on other things instead of supporting other players and hoarding resources


I have 8/8 in my hp and 1 in both defense types. It doesn’t really help when health regen is almost nothing. I can’t craft up health bombs or I would. I’ve no idea how. I also don’t brew or cook. I wanted to spec in smithing, forging and mining stuff. My only options are to run and keep stuffing my face with basic meat or earthyams. If I do get hit once, I usually live. It’s the spitters and cuttletrunks. You can’t get away. It’s either kill them and get dangerously low hp and die in a few more fights or die running through a mine field hoping you get lucky.
Even with my friends as a group we still die repeatedly. It seems like they expect miners to walk on a hostile planet balanced for hunter builders.


You will need to either craft heal bombs or brews to heal or purchase them from others with the resources you get from mining or get a build that can survive hits better.

If your character is a miner build only then you will need to get underground as fast as you can when you find a good location and be safe there or place beacons underground to be able to warp to for quicker access and hope the resources have regenerated since your last visit.

There are also skills to reduce your aggro range, control and shadow epic, that can help if you travel a lot on the surface.


Mind telling me how to make healing bombs from regular bombs? I cant find anything on it anywhere.


Bomb mining, fix it already quit dancing around it, it’s needed and fair for higher tier ppl, more monsters, quit adding more ingredients for crafting it’s already a grind, limit plots in places of mass resources, add more char customization, quit selling out, add more kinds of weapons, add more skill points so we don’t have to pay/make 10 chars, fix meteorites spawning, go play the game and you will find out with no admin privileges.


You were/are absolutely right!! :smiley: I’m now lvl 32 and feeling good about my cubits!! Thanks. :orange_heart:


Brand new player and these are my issues after a few days (keep in mind these are my opinions guys/gals and if you disagree, that’s fine):

  1. Tutorial windows do not go far enough. I get the basic equipment built (crafting table, extractor, furnace, etc.) and then they stop. I then find out there are other machines and powered items people are building, but I have no clue how to go about making them without looking online. I don’t mind researching, but it should be available in game.

  2. I’m already seeing and hearing issues from other people regards to pay to play. Us lower level players do not have the money to simply go around buying all of the advanced stuff people are selling and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of charity from other players (that I’ve seen). I’m also seeing and hearing other players complaining about being effectively blocked into their initial landing sites by other players who come along and buy up all of the land around them just because they can. I am also seeing where people find resource rich areas and then buy up all the land so that nobody else can access it. Again, I don’t have the money to buy other people’s gold, iron, silver, etc.

  3. I would like to see some kind of tracking system in place. I ended up on a higher level planet by accident (I was exploring) and could not find my way back to my home planet. Yes, I can always go back to the Sanctum, but then I have to pay money (again) to have the backup portal opened back up to my home world. It took most of the credits I had to get back to my home planet and now I’m effectively broke for all intents and purposes. If I had not had the money I had, I would have been stranded on the hostile planet since I was being killed left and right by high level creatures and I had no idea how to get back to the right portal to start tracking my way home. I heard you can make the Atlas (or whatever it’s called), but again, I don’t have the materials to make them. I’ve figured out flagging locations, but it’s silly having to have 1000 locations book marked in game when a simple HUD marker could lead me back to the appropriate portal/warp. At the very least, do not charge us in game money to be able to open the portal back to our home world - that should be a given. If I can materialize back into the Sanctum from anywhere, why can’t I do that with my home base?

These are my biggest issues so far, but overall, I have been enjoying the game.


I REALLY HATE EFFECT GUM. IT REALLY HATES ME, IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A DAMAGE BOON? In all seriousness really its fine, im just salty cuz i cant get a damage boon lmao


This topic has been discussed a lot in the forums over the years and past few months. Here are a few observations from my side that might help give a bit different perspective…

  1. You cannot use any of the outside shop functions to purchase “game coin” so anything players are selling in their shops must be purchased through “game effort and work”.
  2. You can purchase plots with real money which could be used to reserve land but that doesn’t really directly relate to the problem of being blocked. That issue existed way before people could buy land with real cash. We have seen cases where people will reserve a lot of space to protect their building interests. In some cases this did result in people getting blocked. The good news is that there is plenty of land out there and places people can build. So it is not uncommon for people to move locations or go to another city and this time reserve more land. Usually it is only the brand new players that try to move into a heavily traffic area that can get blocked or find it hard to expand. I always suggest people to go build at the edge of a city and grab the land they need or go into the wild and create a new area there.
  3. People cannot lock people out of resource areas. If you plot over the land it will not regenerate it so people lose the resources in there if mined. If they plot above/below it so that the land is reserved, then they own that area but resources do move around so it makes it hard to really lock it down. Resources are everywhere…
  4. You mention not enough coin. The best thing to do is complete objectives for coin, go find a shop wishing to buy something for a decent price and go grind that resource and sell it to them. You can gain a lot of money to buy other things.
  5. If I remember right you can always portal back to your home base from the sanctum for a low amount of coin. Otherwise you do have to be careful running through portals… we all can get lost.


I think the best solution at the moment for this would be a moat of plots around your city but a plot gap in between the plot moat and city limits with nothing touching ?


I know you can earn coin/credits in game, but people who have been playing longer and have shops set up are going to have more than us newbs have. This is why we are at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to certain things since we cannot just buy our way to success.

If you are on the same planet, you can portal/warp back to a spot on the same planet for 100c. However, when I was lost and could not find my way back, it cost me almost 1500c because of the distance involved and that was almost all of the money I had :wink:


Best solution is to head to the portals on your radar or when you come into a new world through a hub to add that location to your saved locations to warp back to for just 100 coins or to walk back to.


HA! im the first settling in ur moat lol