What turns you off playing Boundless?


No Hahahahaa :joy:


At the moment the Grind. Black Ops came out today and 7DTD update is on the horizion. When i look at what else i have i can have fun with Boundless drops down the list big time. The grind is / has killed the feeling of even opening the game. Boundless is more of a job then my real life job and actually takes more hours to accomplish less. I built a nice place, go off world as much as i can but it’s so so so repetitive. Go out and grind come come and build / sell / buy. rinse and repeat. same hostiles, same grind, same same same. If you find a place that hasn’t had it resources <Edited by Steggs - watch the language> your going to have a good day otherwise your just fighting the uphill battle of the slow resource respawns and the RNG scarcity. I need this (insert thing) but 1 spawns every 100 blocks or so and you might only get one of those things. Choice spend hours farming for that thing or buy it. Yeah i think i might be at the point where all the gloss and glitter has warn off.


Footfall turns me off about this game.

Footfall and all the people who defend it like it is a good thing.

Footfall should be removed. In fact, coin should be removed from the game, it serves no purpose. Let the player’s decide what item is the global currency.


Barter trade… it was tried previously, and it turned out that thing you thought was worth trading for, is not valued as highly by the guy you want to buy stuff from.

Some people traded foods for hides, some used ore or tools… but the problem is that you cant be sure your next trade partner will value what your current partner does.

So they went through several models and found out that removing the “value” aspect from an actual “item” context meant that you could effectively transfer trading power over time, between multiple different trading partners. This is where the idea of coin (or in general, money) came from and it was found to be quite more flexible.


Isn’t it normal for any newbies to be at a disadvantage compared to anyone else who’s been playing any game longer and surely you’d expect higher end stuff to be be harder to get for newer players? I’ve been playing from the start and still haven’t got any power coils yet, they’re not essential to the game early on but I know I will get them eventually whether it’s from gathering all the materials myself and crafting them or accumulating coin to buy them.


I’m going to add a bit again myself now.

I’ve barely touched the game in about 3 days, which does make me a little sad.
This is in part to the whole gearing up thing.
Y’know, the copper>iron>titanium>gems>??? tools thing.

I haven’t the ability to centraforge yet. Obviously I could buy things. I have done in the past. But making the basics is a nicety sometimes. So I have a crafting alt for this.
So I tried manually (normal hammer/chisel) mining and getting very little for many hours effort.
Needing the diamonds for a little bit of power grew tiresome. I have got a gatherer.
But do you know how MANY basics (low grade, easy farm materials) you need to sell to buy diamonds? or worse, a coil?! It’s quite insane. Considering you then have to often find multiple shops to sell these basics…because many have run out of coin from others trying to sell the basics.

This is why people have alts. I was against it at first, but after finding my first guy couldn’t farm enough to pay for anything, and then was also unable to kill or craft effectively.

I’ve decided to make a little basic food shop. The foods will costs a fraction above what I will buy the materials from visitors, to cover minor gather costs. I won’t add time/money because it’s a game and I’m happy to actually play and gather stuff that people can’t/won’t sell to me.

Basically, the whole buy/sell costs people are placing on things is what’s driving me away. People think things are worth more than they are, and there’s very little that can be done about it because people just want to be rich.


I was looking at the forge ingredients last week, toying with the idea of giving it another go … my heart sank when I looked through the knowledge tab at just how many are needed, plus the stuff you have to make before you can even make the boons etc etc etc …the list just seems to go on forever plus you know at the back of your mind there’s no guarantee you’ll even get anything worth all the time and effort.


I tried that, but none of the portals I could find led back to my planet. I was also unaware at the time that there is apparently some planetary network in place. Someone on another board showed me a picture of the current planets and how they all connect to each other, etc. and this will help me a bit in the future, but I still think there is a better way to go about this. I also should not have to pay money to use my own portals.


I’m close to the same point and it’s why I really hesitated buying this game. Every resource gathering/crafting game I have tried in the past is always the same. I thought with this one incorporating a community and the ability to travel to different worlds would make it a bit different, but it’s not. I still cannot quite understand the fascination with these games since they are nothing but a grind like you say and ultimately there is no point to all of the grinding.


The problem is this breaks progression.

You’d have people at low levels intentionally go to high level worlds, farm all they want, then warp back home for free.

That’s why warps have a cost, it’s a convenience cost and a way to make sure the planets have tiers.

When private servers release, if you decide to quit, be sure to come back, I’m sure there’s goin’ to be a setting of a server that suits you more.


Not if you haven’t been to the world they don’t. As far as I know, and I could be wrong, you cannot open a portal to someplace you haven’t been right? So there is no fear of a new person warping from their start point to some advanced world for resources. So since I have been to the places I am talking about and have marked them on my locations list(s), I should be able to get back to them without having to pay money. I spent time harvesting materials to make the needed components, I shouldn’t have to pay money on top of that to use them. You don’t have to use money to craft hammers and what not, so why the portals? Just a personal opinion mind you.


This negates the purpose of portal networks, the community aspect of the game. It also removes the advantages agility gives some users, as well as lets lower level people use a portal network, get to a high level world, and bypass progression and exploration by getting to end-game then just warping home whenever they want.

I’m not sayin’ this is the correct gameplay design, I’m just sayin’ this is some of the reasons warps cost money, to make portal conduits and big cities useful.

If this were a single player game I could see the argument.

Right now you can get to a planet, and warp to anywhere you’ve set a Location to on that planet, or put a beacon, for 100 coins, which is very cheap considering you get 100 coins easily for playing a little each day.

10 sap is enough to get 100 coins also I think from many shops.


I’m fed up with people claiming ALL the land next to portal areas and building NOTHING.

Do you understand how unappealing this is? Those people are KILLING communities and the game in general.

The solution is extremely simple: nerf basic beacon fuel to one week, maybe five days and raise its cost. That way, less people will claim anything and the claiming will be more fluid.

In the meantime, I’ve stopped playing.


I suppose, but nobody told people they had to build these portal networks right? I’m more of a loner type player, so I’m not really overly concerned about all of that stuff. I would imagine I am not the only person who would rather trudge along alone most of the time and that’s where I end up paying a penalty. I still do not think I should have to use in game money to use something that I had to spend time gathering resources and crafting for. It would be like charging me 100c to make a hammer or block of wood, why? I already spent the time grinding and now I’m getting hit with that? I also don’t have much money and this something other new people are complaining about. 100c is not much for people who have been playing and maybe have income generating networks, but it is for those of who do not. Personal opinion mind you.


Absolutely, I’m more of a solo player also. I get you.

That said, even some single-player games have a cost for convenience of travel. I think in some famous RPGs you have to pay money to fast travel, at least until you learn the spell yourself and don’t need to rely on NPCs.

So this mechanic, of chargin’ for fast travel, isn’t unheard of.

I know coin can seem sparse, but for me, typically, I get enough tools, go out on a planet and I can spend a few hours there collectin’ stuff, and when I’m done I use 100-coins to warp back to the portal network, and then use that network to walk home.

If I’m usin’ my gatherer, who has max agility, I can just run home. I don’t need the warp. My miner though is slooow.

Sap is always in demand, so if you can 1-shot trees with max luck, you can make a ton of coin pretty fast.


I’m still relatively low level and don’t have any of that. I’m just not getting much reward out of the time I’m putting in you know? It also doesn’t help that the objectives do not help me since they do not provide me with what I need to know to actually complete them. They’ll say “do this”, but then it doesn’t tell me how to do it. I have a bunch of Tier 2 and 3 level objectives that I just have no idea how to do since I can’t make the materials needed or I’m supposed to have some machine or other to make them and I don’t, etc. It’s frustrating and I cannot simply buy my way to success either since I have no money. In that regard, my gamer life is replicating my real life rather well :wink:


If you have specific questions, I’d make a list and ask them in a new forum thread, lots of people here would tell you what to do :slight_smile:


Yes. Almost every MMO has longtime players with lucrative financial setups. It’s pretty much impossible not to be “disadvantaged” as a new player in an MMO as far as money goes. I don’t see why it should be any different here.


Well, nothing turned me off playing boundless… which is why I had to turn MYSELF off and quit cold turkey (last Sunday). After two weeks, and a bit more than 200 hours, I realized that this game was not for me, unfortunately. It is a really great game, and I wish I could play it. Living vicariously through these forums a bit, but at least I am sleeping, eating, and functioning like a human again. Have fun!!


Being killed CONSTANTLY on higher tier planets t3+ when farming things and getting xp punished for it when I’m farming res to help me lvl up. Then respawn ing through a portal with little health and energy usually on the edge of a cliff or on the edge of the top of a tree with the only way of getting down is taking fall dmg and dying most of the time. Gets a tad tedious.
The lack of being able to craft a type of armor is a massive turn off too.