What turns you off playing Boundless?


This might help you out:


My miner build.


I’ve restarted the game several times, took a nap, turned off the playstation, fixed my car, went and got a college degree. Still nothing


cant tell for playstation, sry, my experience on pc was that restarting the game without trying to reconnect solved it every time. there could be some kind of networking cache kept even when turning off this thing… maybe u can flush this and test if it works >.< sry im really no console guy

post this as bug in a new thread if no other is written yet


Didn’t post here in ages :joy: Gonna rant a bit, and don’t want to open another topic.

Soooo, do we really really really need this portal system as it is now? Do I really need to go through 5 planets/portals to get to desired location every effing time? Do I really need to wait in front of portals, and sometimes don’t even get to where I want? When we had 12 planets (iirc) and small player base this was pretty seamless, now it’s a hard core chore to travel through hubs. Why is it so expensive to warp? One of nice things I always loved in this game are portals, right now I’m starting to hate them and anything that has to do with them.
And I’ll give my totally not well informed opinion on how this works in game right now :joy: I guess most of the players go through several portals/hubs just to reach final destination. Is this really what we want? What is the point of that? I never envisioned gameplay as going though portal after portal. I’m fine with running through landscapes as much as needed, but going through portals like a madman I don’t find that least bit thrilling.
Also what is the server cost vs. whatever all that planet hopping brings to the game? I need to visit 3-5 servers to reach my goal, is it sustainable when playerbase gets doubled? … and so on
I’m out of will to rant, but I have too many thoughts on current portal travel cost and I don’t find any reasonable answers to that. /rantover :smiley:


i just opened my own portals to all the places i visit often… in my opinion the ps system is a bit flawed and built to reap much footfall money from people travelling through.

im using the aqua hub anyway with portals to all worlds nearby on one place (this has disadvantages too… player limit reached and such)


I am so very frustrated. I love this game and usually have the patience of a rock when dealing with game issues but last 4 days have tested me to the limits. The constant issues when dealing with Aus server Boori. Boori has become unplayable for most of the day now for me. Every couple seconds getting dumped out of what ever shelf I am looking in or machine I am trying to do recipes in when the sending you to sanctum msg pops up. Rubber banding so badly it takes at least 5 to 10 minutes to walk across a room. I came to Boori to be with the people I am friends with in this game since our days in Elop Portas and when I first started on this planet it worked well. It’s been 4 days now that it has been for the most part unplayable. What changed? I don’t know. I’ve tried the suggestion of the chunk load lowering and it makes no difference for me. My son who also plays with me had the same troubles and he invested in vpn and now Boori plays well but now he has troubles when leaving Boori. (insert chuckle at the irony). I on the other hand cannot afford to make monthly payments for things like that. So what are my choices now? Do I leave Boori and my friends to set up elsewhere and be miserable at the choice? Or do i continue to struggle with the lag and have my BP go sky high as the room fills with the sounds of expletives as I try not to lose it completely and smash my keyboard against the wall? I don’t know what the answer is, I just know that each day I spend less time on here and find it increasingly harder to make myself log in and deal with the stress it creates.


Having not gotten past the Gem Wall yet, I finally got around to just straight up buying 2 Advance Workbench Coils for 600 power so i can finally go from making Iron Tools, to making Titanium Tools. I mean, it can’t be that hard right?

I just need Titanium, More Sackcloth, and More Glue right? Surely they wouldn’t make it even more complicated and hard right? Right?

… All I can say is that this game is horrible to play. It’s not fun at all. I tried. I really did. I Tried to like mining, but it turned into a job. I tried making a home, but kept having to expand it over and over to fit in more machines and storage. I tried hunting and it was just too boring. Gathering was even more boring than mining. I tried running a shop, and it was the only thing worth it, but to support it and replace what is sold became too much of a hassle day after day. And now to expand the shop to sell more stuff, I’m going to have to do 5 times as much work, hunting down items I’ve never even seen in the game, either being sold, or encountered in mining and gathering.

It’s too much. I already waste enough hours just trying to get Iron Tools up and running to be sold, and not getting much reward from it. I’ll keep lerking and complaing on the forums till this ■■■■ changes, but this game is horrible to play, so I’ll be clocking out of it in game for the new few months. Maybe if it gets better, or at the very least fun to play, I’ll play it again.

Till then, I’ll only be logging on for the Footfall, and refueling in 7 weeks.


Having to read the same complaints on every thread from someone with no intention of playing the game isnt much fun either… you should quit that too.


Just cause the game is no fun to play right now, doesn’t mean I don’t want to help the game grow and become better so that I and many others might come back. Like how horrible No Man’s Sky used to be, and now it’s more Meh, and gained many more customers.

Only, you know, No Man’s Sky just lacked content, it wasn’t a grind fest you had to spend hours on just to progress a little bit.


Complaining isnt the best way to do that. And hanging around for the sole purpose of complaining wont give your suggestions much weight.

Havent you heard of the saying ‘you catch more flies with honey?’

Instead of “this is too hard and i hate it”, which no one is ever going to react positively too… filling the forum with “this was easy and i loved it” might encourage more of the same.

Or dont, at all… i still strongly support that option too.


so, what turns you off Boundless? Seems like the whole of Boundless :stuck_out_tongue:
You seem to dislike all the core mechanics of the game.
So maybe, just maybe, this game isn’t for you and there’s absolutely nothing wrong in that…plenty of games I try, don’t like and just move on till the next on. No fuss no bother.
There must be some positive aspects to the game otherwise you still wouldn’t be here…but guess this thread isn’t for that but there is one somewhere on the forums.
edit: did have a look for that post but can’t find it…not as popular as this one :slight_smile:


I like the Core Mechanics. Aka Mining, Owning a Shop, Owning a plot, building a community, and so on.

What I hate, is how stupidly grindfested it was implimented in, all under the name of it being an ‘MMO’, even tho it’s meant to be a Sandbox game.

It’s complicated, just for the sake of being complicated. It’s grindy, just for the sake of being a grind. You’re forced to Specalized and have multiple alts, in a game your meant to experience many things and do many things.

And the excuse everyone falls back on is, “It’s an MMO”. Like that somehow magically justifies everything wrong with the game. An excuse is still an excuse. A Bad design, is still bad, no matter if it’s an MMO or Not.

I mean if you really want to see how bad off the game is, I ask for the Devs to publically release how many active people are there playing the game right now. The game released a month ago, it’s the highest it will ever be until a big update or expansion. And compare that number to any other MMO out there right now, which usually has hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions of people, playing it.

The machanics, Devs, and People seem to treat the game like an MMORPG, and not a Sandbox game. Which makes me so sad and frustrated. Cause if they just treated it like a Sandbox game with multiplayer enabled, instead of an MMORPG, the game would be doing better than No Man’s Sky. But I’m pretty sure there are more people playing No Man’s Sky, than there are playing Boundless right now.


You don’t have to ask the devs how many people are playing. Based on the numbers, I don’t see this being around long term.


I drop in on this thread every few weeks to see if there has been any change on the crappy skill experience that might make we want to play again. :frowning:


The problem with that site, is it’s only showing for Steam, but remember that PS4 players also are now connected into the game too, and Sony will never release numbers publically. So only the Devs would know the exact number of people connecting at once.

But still, that’s pretty bad. Less than a Thousand PC players, on an MMO? That’s horrible.


You won’t see any positive changes reported here in this thread.
This is the frustration thread. :wink:


At this point are you guys just milking the game for every penny as you run it into the ground…?

This game has the potential to be amazing, yet somehow you ****** just keep making it worse and worse and worse and worse.

**Apparently we cannot critique the members of the team without being flagged, maybe instead of hiding our feedback you should actually listen? We’ve gone from about 800+ players daily than less than 600 in a matter of a month. I’ll be updating my Steam review since the team can’t silence me there.


Added grind along with the current choke point of getting gems. You need forged hammers to effectively find gems at anything other than a tedious rate right now. Need coils to make decent forged tools. Add on top of that how many people are ripping apart Alcyon and Serpanserindi and trying to even find diamonds is annoying right now.

As for the grind, while I appreciate trying to make use of items that aren’t being used such as the gravel etc. The way it was went about kind of made it more of a grind making some of the items though. Perhaps give alternate recipes using those things instead of making them a needed extra ingredient in the current recipes.


Where does one sell the stone? So far I’ve searched 4 planets and over 30 shops, none are buying the ones I have.


Well there is always the option of setting up your own shops to try to sell them. Just keep them priced kinda low to try to help them sell. Do what you can to draw attention to your shop and get a portal at one of the hubs to the shop.


Or uninstall. Much easier