What turns you off playing Boundless?


That’s your choice if you decide to do so. Some stone is more desirable than others depending on the color, type etc. I have only seen a handful of shops that have request baskets for them and they were buying them for I think 1c a block? If that’s the route you want to go then you’ll need to check around some of the shops I’m not sure which are still actively buying.


Best option would be a trade thread.

“Have 20 smart stacks of stone, what will you trade for them?”

Need any warm red twisted wood? Lol


First let me say I 100% support plots for real $ I understand that the people creating the game work hard and it is a job and they have to be paid.

However, I am a builder and I was a builder for a long time in minecraft before Boundless and one of the first things you learn when you start really getting into building is the larger a build the more detail it can have. Im just getting my 3 main characters to the 45-50 mark and having enough plots is a problem. I dont have any ideas about how this can be fixed but it is defanitly a problem for me and will become more so i am sure.

Second, single plots with a beacon a campfire and a crafting table being kept burning because the person probably bought 6 months of gleam club. there are a few of these around me and i play min 10 hours a day and ive never seen these people. its really sad knowing i could take my build and make it better but 1 plot that isnt even being used is blocking me =( its sad and the worst.

I am not unreasonable I get we have to share and whenever i see a plot in Gleam World on kada I burn up i buy it and i hand it over to whoever is closest to that plot but i dont think it is fair that someone can get 6 months or a year of gleam club then never log on again and save a plot they arent using.

I would probably even be appeased if i could message the person and if they said “yeah im not using it but i have a plan for it” im sure id sigh and glare but it is what it is. however a plot sitting unused by a player that hasent logged on in a month shouldnt be a thing. Find other incentives for gleam club beacon fuel should not be one. or at least make the player activate the free fuel or log on or something.

please fix the bug that makes our tools spam on there own after we close an inventory.


u sure this is not a quirk u contracted misforging something? ^^


i am absolutely sure, it happens with blocks or tools or anything and everything and i know i am not the only one. are you on ps4?

i thought this was happening to all PC players


im pc and you are the only person ive ever heard having this…
i dont wanna give u the impression i dont take ur bug report seriously, tho i was kinda joking before. disregard my dumb question :smiley:


no im sure, Ive talked to other people about it but the fact that you dont have the issue makes me wonder if it is a razer compatability issue


looks like inventory key is double-bound to action key… but why?


I have that issue quite often and I am on PC. Its a problem that has been around a long time.


I believe it only happens when i hit esc to get out of an inventory but it may be e too and it doesnt just set it off once it spams the action until i click or left click the mouse (whatever one is spamming)


See?? im not crazy =p


Now if they only enable automatic beacon fueling above the 10k prestige mark. Maybe that would help.


I had the tool spamming issue on Pc twice already


I get it too. It seems to occur if you are still clicking when exiting the UI e.g. inventory and release after the UI closes. It’s possible to avoid but easy to mistime and have it happen.


happens to me alot too, but it also happens when you close inventory with E and seems to be in junction with you closing the inventory together with quickly pressing Q or the Mousebutton


xp is really poor and it’s a bit grindy for new players.


The random button spam happpens to me too, I think there was a thread on it too.
I don’t have a Razer mouse, just a Logitech G502. So we can discount that.


it is just getting worse too! Instead of actually releasing new content they just keep making it harder to advance while breaking things that already worked just fine.


about where I’m at with the game, the more you play it, the more you realize it is pure grind and basically no fun.


I remember in beta I had the spam bug happen and even though I’d click again or pull up my inventory it’d still do it. I ended up with a weird abstract mud build. I was just like stop stop oh please hahaha it was fun though xD