What videos would you like to see from the Oort Online team?

Besides the obvious ‘first look at a new feature’ what videos would you be interested in seeing from us?


A tour around the office explaing who does what and then shorly show the process of how you guys work. i think it would help alot to put it into perspective that programming is not just a click on a button and you are done

Also i think it would be good if you guys did devstreams on a regular interval where you take questions and answer them as much as you can, i know you are a small team so if you could squeeze it in once every 2 week or every month it would be cool. i want to avoid comparing you to other dev teams but DD2 Trendynet does it where they talk about upcoming features, how they plan it work, they usually have an artist sketching for fun in the background and then watching somebody play the game.

Those 2 are things i would like to see atleast, in general just anything with you guys really, it is so important to see that you guys are human and that you actually care about the community, because sadly we have gotten trampled on time and time again by other devs which caused most people to dislike devs and only see them as greedy and selfish.


As @Zouls already said, devstreams where you answer some community questions would be awesome. You could also give us a brief summary of what you worked on since the last devstream (something like a short explanation of the damage system you mentioned in another thread for example).

To ensure that those devstreams don’t take too much time for recording and editing you could make it a livestream once a month (maybe on the last Friday each month, one hour before you start into the
weekend?^^) where you give us a brief summary of what you worked on since the last devstream (~20min) then you could maybe give us a brief outlook on what you are planning to work on in the next month (~10min) and last but not least you could answer some questions from the community (asked via twitter or something) (~30min).
If one hour is too long you could also cut it down to a half hour (10min/5min/15min).

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Oh I think maybe a live stream of of the artists doing stuff like working out sketches or anything really would be awesome XD


I want to know what developer can eat cake the fastest


I honestly wouldn’t watch a livestream, because i dont know it could get boring , but what i would find pretty neat is that you start a little series of video where you show just one team member and show what he is currently working on and show some progress, maybe connect it with the currently released or funded features


I second this. It would be easier on resources than getting four or five people together and over time would help us get a sense of who does what and how it all comes together. Would also be kept relevant and would show us what our backing money is going towards! :doug:


Don’t mind Q&As, that’s a good idea. May be good to canvass questions here and answer in a video, rather than a live stream.

I’m not sure I like the idea of saying exactly what we’re working on all the time because it’s really nice to still be able to surprise you lot (like we did with the chisel last week).


I am one fo the people who dont think we should get everything thrown in our face, but it would be good if you threw us a bone now and then, like progress for example. not tell precisely how it works but give an overall idea so we can speculate and have something to talk about

being a gamer and not a gamedev i would say its a very fine balance between ‘‘we want to keep a secret so you can get happy’’ and ‘‘we dont give info because we arent working on anything’’ many people only see the second one, so the balance between keeping a bit hidden, but keeping enough visible to know that stuff is going on and that we have something to look forward to,

i cant argue for both sides sadly this is pure speculation on my part since i have no clue how game developement works, but as a gamer i know how easy it is to lose interest in a game if you feel that it is not moving enough :slight_smile:

While I personally like the idea of something catered to us (devstreams and Q&As), something geared towards drawing in new backers would be best. I think everyone here in this community is here already because we like your product already and we’ll be happy no matter what. A video showcasing the progress you’ve made since the last video and showing what’s to come (narrated and showed in a way that says “we need your support now”) to help expand and grow the community is what I’d like to see. Looking around the forums over the past couple months I don’t seem to see a whole lot of new faces. Get the ball rolling and I’m sure it will snowball from there pretty quickly - just needs the right push is all.

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I wouldn’t say we see the second (or I don’t at least), but I definitely like to hear about progress as well. As I stated in my suggestion for a newsletter or update of some sort, ANY information is super helpful and can be construed in such a way that specifics are kept fun and surprising. So for instance, instead of saying “We are working on tool A that does X, Y, and Z and has these three models”, which seems to be something you want to avoid, you can say “We are working on a new, fun tool!”. Simple and surprisingly informative and exciting. Don’t get us THE plan or whatever, but I agree with Zouls, a few bones would be pretty nice :dog:


well i guess there is a lot you could show us but obviously you won’t because it would take too much time, so you can keep the surprises until they are finished ;D

I think Zouls really nailed it. Livestreams might be too much to balance, but something along those lines would go a long way. Most of us are patient enough to wait for the best stuff, but giving us an idea of what goes on behind close doors would be awesome. I can’t say that I would be upset to maybe get a better understanding of what it takes.

I remember watching Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Chrimstmas in the theaters as a child. I was about eight years old, if I remember correctly, and it was my first time going to the theaters. I was so excited. The animation really pulled me in, but I didn’t really understand what all had to happen to make those characters come to life. Shortly after seeing the movie, I watched a special on how it was all done. I learned quickly that claymation takes a lot of time, patience, and energy to put together. Seeing what work went into my favorite movie made me respect the creators even more.

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