What was the update today?

Boundless updated when i opened steam this evening, but can not find any notes about it.

Maybe a small fix.

Heard it was a hot fix to help make portals work smoother.


I had noticed that the 2x3 horizontal portals were glitching a bit.

portal seems longer to display othreside here ! :stuck_out_tongue:

In what way were the portals glitching?

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when I go threw a 2x3 horizontle portal it looks like lag spikes and as I run away from the portal it keeps ruberbanding me back to it. if I stop and wait 2 or 3 seconds it clears itself up but if I keep running it takes longer. i have even taken a little damage. on a few occasions i have appeared a few blocks above the portal only to fall to the ground. i don’t know if this is due to the shape of the portal or the chiseled lip around it.
again it is only 2x3 horizontle portals like the ones at my Nershrill hub.

Hey @Jeffrotheswell can you point us to the particular portal? Then we can take a look.

By horizontal I assume you mean parallel to the floor? If so, these do get less testing.

Sorry I have taken to calling the tall ones verticals and the squat ones horizontle.

this one and others like it are where I have been experiencing this issue. its the Nasharil transfer station hub. -967 860