What ways will we need to avoid being stuck?


What happens if we get stuck and have no shards left to open a rift to a safe and “free” place? I think there are two options: first, we could have a skill which ports us to our home position (set beacon or spawn point) or we could have a killswitch to kill ourself to respawn. I would like the second option cuz in a survival game nothing comes for free :wink:

I also think about this cuz of a problem that may occur ingame later, cuz what happens if we come into a beacon witch is like a trap (think of a walled place with no door that we can open (cuz of permissions) which could be entered easily by making a one block pile to jump in) or drop into a hole made of material we cannot break with the tools we have.

Do you have another ideas how to get out of such “traps” (when we have no items to get out of our own)?


They said you can use home for a price of shards, for me atleast the answer is simple, have a suicide botton, if you get yourself into a mess then there should be no easy way out.

you shouldnt, if you can then you can, and it is a horrible trap, however if you cant then you shouldnt be allowed
as i also said somewhere, i think traps are fair game, even on pve servers. if you poke your nose into another dudes beacon or dont watch where you are going, it’s your own fault.