What weapons do you use for T6?


What kind of slingbows are you guys using?
I am getting tired buying forged rift ones…

To one-shot most creatures it seems only forged rift works

What are your strategies?

ps. I hunt solo!


For me, I always use gem bows. The type of gem depends on the atmosphere of the planet as they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

As for forge boons, one will always be damage. I like to carry both a shotgun (multi shot) and a single shot (for Cuttles) so the shotgun will have that and most often I’ll put heavy projectiles on it as well.

My single shots will depend on what type of gem it is. For ruby, crit chance and crit damage. Diamond/Emerald get fast and light projectile.
All the rest get random stuff as I rarely use them.

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Hope this helps!! :grin::+1:


I always use gold fists in T6 solo hunting and Emerald shotgun bows for the elemental blast mobs (I only ever solo hunt T6 blast meteors usually).

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A lot of good information - I really appreciate it!
Thank you very much!