What would you like to see being sold more?

I’m a pretty new player and currently running one store with raw gathered materials that I collect while exploring and filling in atlases. However I’m looking to open a second store or possibly change my stock of my current store. I want to start making good money and I want to do something consistent and useful to the economy. So I’m here for opinions.

What do you want to see being sold? What specialty stores are we missing in this economy that could really thrive even being ran by a new-ish player?

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Oort and bones from hunting

Beans and leaves from gathering


It’s funny because my beans and leaves sell out almost immediately after I stock them but my other stands barely get looked at. Maybe I should sell beans, leaves, and orbs exclusively and scrap everything else.

If they sell out ASAP your prices may be too low

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A hunting store is very useful… not enough hunters these days. Prices are inflated at the moment.


I would definitely do more hunting but theres some issues with it for me.

  1. Since I play on a steam controller, aiming at moving enemies is a little bit difficult for me.


  1. I don’t usually have the time to participate in full 1+ hour hunts with a group, which I hear is the best way to hunt