What Year Is It?!?!?

Emerges from under his rock, shielding his eyes from the harsh sun as his skin reflects the light vibrantly due to it’s lack of tanning. He then looks around with his eyes squinted.

"What year is it?!"

Hello, everyone! I promise I haven’t died! I just have been swamped with literally day to day tasks and life utterly ripping me away from almost any form of video game or fun… I’ve had to take up refuge biding what little free time I have writing lore for a world of my own I have under construction… Well more like worlds… And space stations… It’s one of those ones. Anyhow, I promise Oortcast is NOT DEAD! Nor am I! And Nor are The Watchers! Especially since it can technically now exist without my constant oversight. I’ll make all effort to return when my life stops hounding me literally every other minute, forcing my “All-Nighters” count to skyrocket higher than I’ve ever had it before…

Until then, I just wanted to say hello and to express my supreme excitement from the emails I’ve been getting about the Oort mailer and such! Dem Karacterz m8!

Ok, that was the time I had. gotta go! Bye!


It is the summer of 2015
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