What's about trainable mounts?


I just thought about how to give Oort an unique new feature without to much work for the devs. So I went though all games in my mind and just found something: …

Mounts that have a (very basic) progress by themself :wink:

Just think about the mounts we may have in the game. There can be horses, running birds, lizards and many more different ones, but to have a variety of differences between them got by special breeding can be quite complicated. But what if each type has some basic stats ( like running speed, endurance, jump hight, armor (before unmounted) or gliding) which can be raised by using the mount or feeding it individualy. So the mount may get better stats with time which are saved in it each.

May be trading trained and well fed mounts could be possible too, so that people can be tamers and trainers by profession to get their income.

This would be much easier then inventing a special breeding system but it definitely would be something I have never seen in another game before :wink:

Of cause there should be a limit how many mounts a character can have simultaneously so that there will be no unlimited animals on the market and noone just have all of them maxed (and gets bored then ^^). And if you just “drop” the mount it would be untrained again.

What do you think?


how about it depends on what you feed it different crops will give different stats apples may lead to speed, oats may lead to carry weight etc.

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Yep, this together with using the mount for training would be really cool :wink:

Could make it so you have to domesticate a wild animal. Take it home and the raise a baby to get some good stats.

waht if wher you get mobs you can also get alphas, betas and omegas of a pack. Betas are average, Omegas are unqiue and alphas are better than betas

and these are all in a pack so depending on a taming skill will depend on if you can get it or not

I’d like to see tameable lesser monsters like its a low drop rate or something but they can drop an egg and you can gather enough and make your own place to farm them cause they will breed or you can use them for other stuff and you can interbreed like say there are different types of goblins. You breed them and then you can get different ones?

Well, now it goes right into the direction I ment with “to much work for the devs”. Such a breeding system is very complex and Gobbos are no mounts but working nscs, which would be a whole different thing and topic.

The breeding of creatures out of eggs or may be different strengths of tamable mounts sound nice thou. But they should be just as they are and not cross breedable but trainable buy using or feeding them :wink:

Should all things come from eggs thou?

Don’t you ever just want the feeling of ripping a baby from its home never to see its family again more maybe you just kill its family in front of it so that its scarred for ever

True kindness right there

If they came from eggs (or some other magical source) they’d wouldn’t know what happen to its parents (if they are deceased).

That was kind of the point of my reply

Ya but that baby wouldn’t know cause it would thin you are the parent.

The fact that its a game and were talking about something made out of code which doesn’t have feelings i didn’t think anyone would take it too seriously

Yeah but the use of eggs would make the process much easier to develop cuz you would not have to program the taming and a AI response to such efforts. Don’t have to be eggs always but may be other dropables like cocoons or spheres (think about the lore of the strange universe of Oort :wink: )

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Yes that would be cool. :slight_smile:

But now back to the topic: what do you think about a progress for mounts and how do you think it should be integrated? And remember: keep it simple but fun :wink:

I think having different types of saddles for your mount and have to build some trust to be able to ride it?

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Hmmm, to control which stat is trained while riding? Sounds good :wink:

Maybe like you’ll be able to feed it once per day and it could give your mount a type of buff at max lv or something?

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yeah, feeding (and buffing if maxed) is a good option. if this food for mounts would be craftable it could become a great market cuz many people want their mounts maxed, but not everyone wants to take the time to gather the ingrediences for the food :wink:

How do you think the progression of the mount should be structured? … just training by riding it (with special saddle may be) or by using different manouvers? … I think it would look strange if someone wants to train jump hight by jumping all arround over the whole time ^^

I also think that there should be a maximum number of trained mounts a character can have, so that there will be no end for each character … may be you have 5 Slots for mounts per char, so that you can have many at home in a fence or box, but only 5 in use … if you want a new one you would have to sell or drop one (last would set back the stats) to get a slot for the new one. On this way everyone would have to train some mounts again if they want to have new ones. (not only gather them like in WoW -.- )

I really like your idea of training creatures manually and feeding them certain items to increase certain stats, especially if there were exotic foods that can only be found on some worlds. (This can also help promote farming.) With this system, players who do not like complex breeding systems can enjoy a great mount.
On the other hand, as a creature breeder of many games myself, I would like to see some stat gain through breeding rather than just training. I mean honestly, do you thing two champion show dogs are going to have ugly puppies? No.
And I do hate games with randomly generated stats for babies as it makes it pointless to bred and easier to just capture your creature.

So what I propose is just a simple breeding system in that the baby gets the average stats of it’s parents to a limit. Therefore, if I train two “perfect” parents, then I would expect the baby to be decent (not maxed like the parent because that would take away the need for more training, but decent.) To put my thoughts together let me give an example:

  1. I’ve captured two riding birds and am training both of their stats to max (10 in this example)
  2. In breeding the birds I expect the baby to average the parents, so it should be 10
  3. However, the limit makes it so a new born stats cant go over 7, so even though this is a quality hatchling, it still requires training.

With this simple system, I’ve incorporated both the need for a training system, even in hatchlings, and created an easy breeding system that does not incorporate complex calculations.

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