What's up with the furnace?

I loaded up the furnace with meat and logs for fuel.
I cooked 1 meat and after that the furnace says “missing skill basic crafting recipes”
even though there is still fuel in the furnace and meat to cook and I do know basic crafting recipes.
I can use the furnace again if I come back later or sometimes if I take things out and put them back. That’s not working right now though.
Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?

Known bug. It actually means you don’t have enough fuel.

For 1 smelt, roughly - you need:
4 wood
2 small coal


Thanks! It seems I need more than 4 logs in the fuel box to start anything.
So to get anything done in the furnace its going to take a LOT of scrounging for fuel it would seem.

It gets better later. If you mass craft (requires a skill) and compact (a compactor machine) you can do a smelt with 1.08 soft coal.

And you get to mine medium coal (2.5x better, copper tools+) and hard coal (7.2x better, silver tools+).

One of my furnaces starting doing this after a five-day layoff in activity. I have plenty to use, though, so I’ll just move on to a working one.