What's your fighting style?

Since this just so happens to be a community of game-players and RPG enthusiasts, i just thought I’d put the question out there: what sort of fighting style do you like to use in games? are you a ranger? a tank? a wizard?

I like to think of myself as a tinker. I don’t like putting myself in the thick of a fight, but dodging isn’t really my style either, so I like to spawn a whole bunch of turrets/clockwork minions to take my hits for me. of course when that’s not available and it isn’t most of the time, I’ll just go Berserker. it gets things done quickly.

so what’s your style?


Good question! Typically I go for a more ranged/support type, but I’m trying to get decent at grappling because I think using it to dodge attacks or swing around enemies will be quite fun with the dual wielding system they’ll be adding.

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In MC PVP I favored the Diamond Axe for style. :smile:


I’d say I’m more of a Melee type. Like to be up and close, dodging away and dishing out some real punishment. Am I good at that style? Weeeeell, that’s a different topic. :laughing:

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I’m more of a range(archer and mage)/healer type :smiley:. I love both, but since most of my friends need a healer, i’m always the one that is the cleric in the party.


Mage all the way :slight_smile:

Because mages are awesome.


Depends on the mood,

I quite enjoy playing heavy sword and board tanks
Dualwield is also good
if there is a cool weapon such as chainwhip or chakrams i will use those
Also really enjoy playing fist weapon monks ingame.

Personal favorite is probably classes with pets or summons to do the fighting and tanking for me.


So you go necromancer in GW2?

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I like to play a bit of everything. If its possible, I’ll also try and use a character for a role it’s not meant for :slight_smile:

Well in a multiplayer I usually go support-buffs, heals, reviving. Otherwise it depends on the game. In Armored Core I like to be the fastest thing there is and slice things up with my beam sword. Dark Souls I became a tank. Bloodborne I couldn’t play tank so I went for mostly melee but with good stats for using the magic items. In games where you can deploy turrets I usually pick that guy so I can be lazy. In zombie games I literally run through entire campaigns meleeing all the zombies (anyone up for some Zombie Army Trilogy?) (or Resident Evil 6?)

Melee, damange over all and evasion by skill

Unarmed or two handed swords!!!
And ki attacks or power attacks :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried to, but i didnt like it, my main is a thief with the thief summons ability and thief ult so i had like 4 other npcs to fight for me, using longbow and Condition dmg build.

as i said, it depends on my mood.

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I usually like to be melee.
My favourite weapons would be daggers and katanas.
If Boundless lets me be a ninja, that’s what I’ll be!

It depends on my mood and on what is available of course^^

In Two Worlds 2 I loved to be a Necromancer who could revive fallen enemies not just summon those little (almost usless) boney pet things. That was the only good and real Necromancer I’ve ever encountered in a game. But that most likely won’t be a thing in Oort.

The second thing I like to play as would be a swift character with a scythe who cuts up everything into edible pieces^^
Codename: The Banshee Cook

I typically rock a warlock or sorcerer of some sort when available. My prefered techniques are to crowd control and slowly whittle down my opponents while constantly repositioning myself just out of reach. I like to draw opponents into narrow stretches or corridors and then hit them all at once with area of effect spells before picking off the weak with burst spells one at a time.

If magics are not involved in a game though, I prefer to use traps and snares along with ranged area of effect attacks to ambush multiple opponents at once. I have no problem setting up death traps hours in advance while waiting for a hapless victim.

Nothing is more exciting than suddenly ambushing a group of players and defeating them all at once using a combination of premeditated traps and mass confusion. Havoc, mayhem, it’s what I do.


isn’t killing zombies with melee weapons a good way to get yourself killed or infected? although that does sound hardcore.

My personal style is summoning minions to fight for me while i sit back and cast annoying spells to help them kill the target like poisons and DoT spells. I really enjoy having a large range of minions at my disposal like a ranged type or maybe even tiny minions that overwhelm the enemy but are super easy to kill or perhaps a super tanky golem that does lots of damage but attacks really slow.

Sometimes you just have to feel the zombie guts on your face.

so, you hit-and-run with a tank?

I hear ya. nothing is more satisfying than defeating all of your enemies at once.