When is everyone online? Potential projects?

I know the community is small atm, but I was wondering when people are playing Oort. I would like to arrange some community builds/ projects/ gatherings. If anyone could respond to this saying when they might be online (GMT) that would be great :slight_smile:

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There is normally someone on Ruchs every night around 7 GMT and later. There are about 5 of us that build regularly and there is no real method to our time online. We build alot together, so if community is a thing for you check out the Ruch’s Capital area (and south of it).

I’m not on very often currently, but I’ll probably be looking into supporting builds during the Summer.

I too am part of the Ruchs Metropolis project located south of the capital. If you are looking for a community build, we still have a huge amount of space located around myself and Dark’s beacons and we are still calling upon people to join our project.

If you just want to come see the progress, go south of the Ruchs capital. Currently we are working on a river and two large lakes with lake houses and fishing piers.


Hi, I’m playing on server Omoson mostly in the afternoon or evening (between 17-23 pm GMT). I’d be happy to see you join.

Great :slight_smile: Ill check Ruchs out when I’m next online (probably tomorrow), and ill take a look at Osomon. @Bokke where about are you building?
Thanks guys!

There are a couple of Oort steam groups you can check out/join to see who is online as well:

Dev founded: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/oortonline#
Fan founded: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/theoortexplorers#


And another one on steam…