When Will Boundless be Compatible With FRAPS?

I have a gaming Youtube channel, in which I do playthroughs of games, with a huge focus on Minecraft. I would like to do a Boundless series now as well, but FRAPS doesn’t seem to recognize Boundless as a game. I’ve never had this issue before with any other game. When Oort Online was first released for the public to back, I purchased an account and made a video from it, but I had to download Dxtory in order to do so. I thought this was fixed a while ago, haha. Any ideas of what is going on here?

I think it is on FRAPS’ end (It hasn’t had an update in almost 3 years now)

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I use OBS for streaming on Twitch. You would suggest switching completely over to OBS for my recordings? I’ve heard a lot of people say things like that, and I’m thinking maybe I should…

And should I get OBS Multiplatform, or just the original?


Yeah, just because it looks like FRAPS may never update again.
Not sure on which OBS to use, that might need a google.

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PendragonTheNinja, i use OBS some times, but how can i ue it without the image getting stucked each 1 or 2 seconds??

Boundless will probably never support fraps, but I use OBS.

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