Where are the place to build a new home at?

I am looking for a place where i can built my future home/base at.

Something around 30x30 plots size in an area a bit more active.

I would call my building style mytic/futristic, So if it would fit/complement your city/area it’s even better.

Here’s some screenshot of what i built in a past :


Was all of your stuff ashed? That farm area was very inspiring…

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Yeah everything is gone, gave all my stuff too. I still have my characters with the levels but i am releveling a new one just for the fun but gonna comeback to my main character after the level up.


Well I’m glad I have many pictures hehe… I’m a bit surprised you gave it all away but we all know you well and that you’ll be filled up with stuff quickly, and have more levels than I do in a few weeks. :slight_smile:

I don’t know a good spot besides some of the normal T1’s that people are settling on. If you are looking to stick around a while, having your builds in the Boundless United area would probably be nice beside that stuff and @Apt … I’m sure @georgegroeg wouldn’t mind you settling in his area… there is plenty of space not yet turned into desert or Mechs… of course I’m can’t speak on if they really want people close to them.


there’s plenty of room on Antar, but it is not the most active place, more like a few people each doing their own thing


Georgio typing I was gonna say come to Reaper on alder sure Georgio-chan find you a spot (O.O)

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:eyes: Ummm. For that to happen. I would want @Gorillastomp to become a Reaper. If it is something you’d be interested in you’d have to do the Reapers Trials. Your an awesome builder so I’d love to have you in the guild. I always liked your builds and that style would 100% fit in with the area. Also would have to see where there’s space that you might like.


Given I’ve never really moved from Storis II (and still haven’t built all the things I want to) can’t give advice on other planets - but just wanted to say it’s good to see you back

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Gorilla-chan I’m not saying set up base in da Kingdom but once you set up get all caught up with your base boop it be Awesome if you built a awesome build on Houchus Boop

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I have a sovereign you are welcome to build on. It’s t4 and can check it out through TNT on the sov wall. Name is Eriste. Getting ready to add another super world fuel to it soon so it will be around for a while.

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There is tons of room around Raxxa. T1

The Raxxian Sanctuary has a ton of portals to both major hubs, player areas and a few SOVs.

I’m a little bit away from them out in a cluster of hills and valleys with a few sizable lakes scattered. Still close enough to see activity in the distance and a portal away from the Sanctuary (and a TNT portal)

I have a few new neighbors. We’d love to have you nearby


Thanks! I will take a look at these places this week-end and see what i like the most to setup my new base.

Come to arie, river towns. We all day active

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If you need anything material wise let me know. I’d be glad to help out where I can.

I am sure @Shadykatt34 has a ton of room by here and there are a few others there.


@AdoraLupinatu most definitely! I got a great spot for @Gorillastomp

i found a nice area next to the raxxian sanctuary

I’m sure it will fit your needs, you gonna have to look yourself, if interested, I could take you there.

good luck with your find for a new location :fist_right: :fist_left:


Welcome Back!!! Your more than welcomed to come to Arie. My city is mainly me. But plenty of space and a Mini Mall as Well. Always a portal to TNT and RTG!


Thanks for asking! I like to do the stuff my self, it’s part of the fun for me. Made my first batch of diamond hammer yesterday… Now i need to bring up the forging game then i will be almost unstoppable :love_you_gesture:



is that for ya frontdoor lol

Have to start somewhere :sweat_smile: