Where are the resources at?


Hi Shortsocks here, as the title suggested where are all the resources???

I have managed to find out most things by trial and error, for instance how far down iron spawns can be found, or where gold and silver may be found. I even have a hillside next to my property that has a lot of ancient tech remnants in them dur hills. Anyways what I don’t seem to be finding no matter how long I cave dive and mine 50x50 square swaths out of the ground, I for the life of me can not find Ancient Tech Components. Does anyone know where these are found. For example in which biomes? or if these spawn in caves? or if they only spawn on certain planets? etc. The help or a resource map and where to find them would be nice.

And before anyone says buy them, I would but I myself like to farm my mats. I do not like to simply buy what I can atleast try to find. And as such I’m in a server where if I setup a store to sell things there is a very large chance no one will buy anything I’m selling because I have no portals setup and cannot progress past trying to make basic or slightly advanced things. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks again!


To the best of my knowledge if components are the red ones you seek and not the rainbow ones. They are found most of the time at the peaks of mountains.


For me it looks like it is more common in high mountain, especially desert mountain, try caves in or under peak desert mountain, over sea level

Make a atlas and put one in, to see where the hotspot are.


the rainbow ones are the ones I seek. the red ones are ancient tech. components are the rainbow wires one.

if I could find one of the components I would have done so with the atlas.


I have found most of my ancient tech components high on the side of mountains on planets like Nasharil and Epsilo.

An atlas is helpful while trying to find these.


I’m sure an atlas would be nice to help find these. But as I said you have to have atleast 1 tech component to put in the Atlas to even see the location maps. So I have to find them to use the atlas. But thanks.


Ancient Tech Devices (red squares) and Components (rainbow wires) can both be found on Nasharil in the same places as Sapphires.


They spawn in mountain area between 80ish to160+ altitude. You can press u and go to location to see the altitude you are at.


Buy 1 in store to put in Atlas.


And unless they changed it since the post, someone ran the world data a while back and determined that Epsilo had the highest density of Ancient Tech.