Where do I buy?

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So I found this game today and became very interested. I would like to play the game but I can’t find where to purchase it. I see people are playing it and I’d love to be able to jump in and play with them. Is there anything I can do to purchase this? Thanks!


Welcome! Steam for PC or ps4 store! Doesnt really “launch” until the 11th however. If you pre order on ps4 you get in on the 7th


Right, I’m planning on playing on PC. Steam does not have an option to purchase. Do I really have to wait for it to release to play although people are already playing? I guess it’s just a week…

Since it is no longer in early access it isn’t available for purchase. I’m sure one of the other PC players could answer better but we are almost there!


The people who are currently playing the game are the early access backers who are testing the new universe for bugs before it’s full release. Not sure when it’s going back on sale unfortunately as it’s not been released to the public until the 11th


@Whippzz It’s totally worth the wait. Don’t blow your money on another game. Save some for this one on the 11th. Everyone here is working very hard to test everything now. There will be many more worlds added to the universe as well.

And Welcome to Boundless my future fellow Oortian.


It’s a very enjoyable game. A much slower pace than many games, but hits all the right notes. It’s worth the wait if you like exploration/building games.

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