Where do you fit in the hierarchy?

If you disagree with the topic, please disregard.

But for the ones that are wondering and are more active of a player and are in the loop.

If you had to break a structural hierarchy based on in-game networth. Let’s say 5 groups.

Tier 1, 0 coin to 50,000 coin
Tier 2, 50,001 to 100,000 coin
Tier 3, 100,001 to 250,000 coin
Tier 4, 250,001 to 1,000,000 coin
Tier 5, 1,000,001 and up

Would this amount/figures be a good start or what would you say would be a good grouping of in-game networth? I want to get an avg of this then create a poll of the hierarchy to find out an avg based on ones that participate in the poll.

Thank you.

the most coins I’ve ever had don hand was just under 150k and that was last night before I spent it on more crafting materials.

However my total “estate” would definitely fall in your T5 category, but 99% of what I have I gathered and crafted.

I feel like those categories are too small, as I’d say most players probably have resources either on hand or tied into their plots that exceed the t5 category

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Available right now, t2. All coins i ever had in 1 time, at the really beginning of t4.

One toon? Or all? Coin or materials on shelves too? Including placed not natural block or not?

I only hang out with people who fall into T4 or T5 category. In fact, I’m considering dropping my T4 friends and purely associating myself with T5 people only. Don’t hang out with T3 and below. They just drag you down.


If you sit on your coins, you are doing it wrong.


Currently at T1 because capitalism


T5 Not really much to spend coin on haha…

I’m a common, working class T2 and I’m proud of who I am! Come at me! lol

Thanks for the feedback, I actually really do appreciate it. :grin:

A steady t4. Always on my grind!

I’m currently a low T1.

Trying to move back down lol, feels bad sitting on coin :stuck_out_tongue:

Tier 2 if by coin, probably low tier 4 if accounting for assets

I’m pretty poor when it comes to cash on hand but thats mostly because instead of gathering stuff to sell I just gather stuff to use so I don’t really need coin outside of a few incidentals every now and then which gets covered by footfall.

Though I do have a plan that could net me about 500k tonight so we’ll see how that goes.

Hermitage’s vault on Cardass would like a word with you. I never seen so much wealth in this game!

When you realise in game money is not real then you can start to understand what an MMO is realy about.

Whats worse is that some of the biggest shops are really trying to rip off players with inflated prices because they think that no one really wants to shop around.

money isn’t a priority for me. it literally has no impact on how I play this game.


I’m T1, but only because I have kids and can’t have nice things

Paying for a gem hammer on layaway

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T5, even though I always reinvest any coin made into store stock. So I never have much on hand

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A hierarchy suggests status or authority in groups of people. I would hardly agree that coin is a standard measure for hierarchy in this game when coin has absolutely zero influence on anything that matters.

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