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As some of you might be aware, I haven’t been on boundless for a week or two. Two thursdays ago, I had a bad knife accident resulting in a injured tendon and damaged nerve on my right index finger, as well as a small injury on the end of my right thumb.

However, good news! I had surgery yesterday to fix both of the problems on my right index finger. Obviously it will still take time until I’m all good again though, so my grapple racing course will continue to be left on hold until my hand is mostly back to normal again.

While I’m writing this, I’ll answer a few common questions that might be asked.

How did I do it? I had a sharp, fixed blade knife in my left hand and had a small “oopsie daisy” that quickly became an “uh oh, spaghettios”.

Did it scare me/affect me mentally? It certainly did. After seeing the injury right after it happened, I specifically have to request my doctors to keep the injury out of my sight. I almost passed out before we got to the emergency place, which also left a lot of stress on me considering that passing out involuntarily is not normal. Even after surgery, it still stresses me out, which does not help at all since finals are tomorrow.

What is the expected time for my recovery? On may 25th, I will have a post-surgery appointment to get all of the details. However, the current estimate they have given me is 6 weeks in a finger splint and 8 weeks of oriental therapy after my post surgery appointment.

If I have left any questions unanswered, please feel free to ask!


been there done that bro, glad you are recovering, don’t stress yourself at all, healing and real-life come first! thanks for keeping us updated through: :fist_right::fist_left: have a speedy recovery bro!

as I said been there done that, when I was 14 I took a Stanley knife from the shed to make arrows for sticks, well instead of slicing outwards I sliced inwards…it went good the first few sticks, a few sticks later I cut my ring finger, I went home, and put my hand in my pocket ( a pocked that was sandy and dirty lol). my parents shouted at me and said why are you bleeding! and where!!! I said just my finger it’s going to be fine. they noticed because I was wearing grey pants, my entire left side was soaked in blood. they told me to show my finger, and well it was dangling on a piece of skin lol, my dad instantly called emergency, i said NO! just a plaster is fine! , I was so upset that I was not able to play outside anymore not caring about my finger lol, well I went to the emergency and had my tendon re-attached and had a metal pin in my finger, (that was the most annoying thing ever especially if you try to grab stuff and you hit something with that pin… it is like chewing on foil…now many years later I still got issues with it . moral of the story…plasters don’t heal tendons


Haha that sure does sound like a story for future generations

thankfully I didn’t go completely through the tendon, just got it a little bit. The nerve is going to be a real pain though in a few weeks (from what I’ve heard from a teacher of mine)

Also my parents definitely aren’t letting me go near sharp objects for a while, haha

Hey, I hope you recover quickly and fully!

Boy do I have a story for you!

When I was probably about the same age as you, I had an injury to the top knuckle on my left index finger. For some reasons, I didn’t go to a doctor for it. We used super glue to close up the wound and hoped it would heal on it’s own. It did not, and have lived with a mostly useless left index finger for about 20 years

I recently saw a doctor about it and I might be able to at least get some control of the finger back and it should stop hurting after the surgery. I hope to get that surgery in about 3-4 months once the house sells and I settle into an apartment.

Thank you for joining me for Depressing Story Time with Ry!

It sounds like you made the choices I didn’t and actually got it taken care of, so good on you! Again, I hope you recover well both physically and psychologically. I “got” to see some things I didn’t want to as well, so I know how that is…
Seek help if you need it. Nothing is too little for seeing a mental health professional. If you struggle to relax about the experience after a while, you deserve to get help moving forward.

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Thanks a lot! I have already talked to my parents about getting mental help (mostly for other reasons)

Also, Boy Scouts really does engrave it in your head that if you get hurt, get help. Plus, my parents handled things really nicely (bandaged the wound really tight and sent me to emergency)

Also, funny thing to mention is that we all got an injury around the age of 14 :joy: turning 15 pretty soon though

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Absolutely awesome. Normalizing mental health is so important.

Nice. I think I was about 15 as well. Probably just a prime age for doing stupid ■■■■, haha.