Where is a good place to buy Spark Generators. I'm looking for 4 or 6

Man, a central registry of all shops and what they are selling (not necessary the price would be a Godsend!

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I can just make you some, how many do you want?need? 4 or 6?

Oh well, let’s go 8 then. :slight_smile:

I’m heading off to bed right now, I might be up again in an hour depending on how tired I am currently. If I do get back up, I’ll message you.

Not that expensive of an item, lets say… 75coins a pop?

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That’s a good price…cheapest I’ve ever seen is 120

Sounds good, ill be on for about 5 more hours before i head off to work. just PM when you get the chance.

Are you still selling generators for 75c? I could use a few more.

I can just hand you some. I have left overs from a mass craft.