Where is the active US settlement?

Wondering what planet / server is the most active US settlement right now?

Coordinates would be awesome to. Thanks

Well there is a fairly large group of people on he US East ring planet, but most aren’t playing much until another update.

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I am on the moon elopar -491 2065. lots of resources including gold and titanium. I have a large structure there. feel free to move in near by.


Hell yea Jeff, that’s what I’m taking about!
Are you pretty active yourself?

I have been for the past month as I am recovering from knee surgery. in the coming weeks I will be less active as I am returning to work but am on in spurts often.

what are the coordinates to your settlement?

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nm vulpto -1200 629 I have it :slight_smile:

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coords 1070 , 70 , -650 my town on planet solumn, i am active, so are the other 5