Where to find loot/auto harvest tool

I’ve searched some of the shops and markets. The prices are in my opinion way too much from remarks I have head those who sell them.

I’m tired, not feeling good and don’t feel like running around any more, but need a loot auto-harvest tool in case I go on a meteorite hunt tomorrow.
Where can I find one that is hopefully less than 1k coins? Someone posted that they sell them for less, but can’t find the post or where their shop is at.

The “Original Forgeries” shop on New Leyden has some pretty cheap auto harvest glow sticks. I have a wayfarer’s totem for my main character, but I bought a few forged stone chisels from there for my alts.

You can get there by going to the first floor of the ultima player portals area.

Origional Forgeries has a very good selection of forged gear on offer, i’ve bought quite a few forged hammers from their, very good prices as well.

I make very basic ones and sell them for 500c. My stand has sold out so I’ll make some more. Arie Plaza - Marrs Shop

Hi Janna,

I can get you one
What color / gem do you want?

I’ll hook you up with the first one for free, … but you have to accept the fact that it acts as a light source and a block type changer as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Looks like i’ll have to pay your shop a visit, since i pass through Arie plaza to get to the Lamblis hub

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Some setting now - 13 mins. Looks like I should do a bigger batch! There’s a portal in shop to Villa Marrs hub (links to New Leyden, Lake, River Towns and PS - plug). I’m in there cooking :slight_smile:

I don’t want free, as for gem, it doesn’t matter, that it is a block type changer would be nice.
I’ve had some suggest that I could turn my light skill off, but I like to have it on when in a cave, dark or too many dark rocks. Night blindness, sigh
I will get with you tomorrow. Not feeling well tonight.

We have autoharvest totems for 750c in The Golden Fist (Grovidias Te PS hub, Ultima shopping hub)

I sell my loot fists for 3k each I price things based on how fast I can get them restocked for my own use. since im solo the price works for me.

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also my bird killers have anywhere between 12+ and 24+ range

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Sounds good. I should have a few left. Just have to see where they got stashed in the moving process. I had some of each gem. Let me know when your on. I only make them maxed out but I also don’t care what its going to sell for. Just give me whatever you feel is affordable to you (or free).

750c for light/auto loot in The Golden Fist shop! Portal Seekers: Gravidias Te behind the rules sign.