Where to get Hopper Thermal Core Trophy?


I have been to Besevrona and Serpensarindi and killed so many hoppers, hundreds. From them I got 2 Hopper Termal Core Trohpies so Im thinking im doing something wrong, drop rate can’t be that ultra low can it?. Usually they have been Strong, with a few Mighty now and then. Propably a ratio of 10:3 of strong/mighty. What type of Hopper does the Hopper Thermal Core Trophy drop from? Is it only the Mighty versions? Even if only Mighty drops I still killed perhaps like 60-80 of them… only 2 dropped of those trophies is not much. I guess that is why they are “rare”, but shouldnt they be a little bit more common than that?


Mighty and Elite hoppers drop the thermal cores.

They are pretty rare and have a low drop chance.

The best way I have found to farm trophies fairly quickly is to join in on some of the massive meteor hunts.

I can usually walk away with a hundred or two assorted trophies from a t6 hunt.


I agree with blinvir…the best way to get hopper cores is to join a large meteor hunt.


they are relatively easy to kill comparing to other mighty/elite monsters; so, when solo just swim around on a 5/6 tier world and lure them to water where they cant jump and move fast; stay away from other mobs and you will be able to get thermal cores safe and fast enough


ok that sounds like a plan then, how do I join massive meteor hunts?


On discord the hunter bot pings people who self assigned themelves as “hunter” whenever somebody is planning to lead a massive hunt.

Outside of happening to catch one in game or on the fourms (which are rarely advertised), thats your best bet.


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The luck stat is a big factor too, when you have the points to spare, it’ll make your hunting trips a lot more worthwhile.


Try t6 planets too, better drop rates.


You’re on Pheminorum? Hop on to our Duskmoor discord page. We run hunts all the time!! And when we are not running them, there are a few other players running them also. Those ones too, show up in our discord "hunting " channel!

~Go to Duskmoor discord channel
~There is a category called “hunting” which will show you everything you need to know about a hunt going on. Time, meeting place, planet, resistances, best slingbows… Etc.
~while in that hunting channel, type “!hunter” without the quotation marks. The bot will show up saying “you are now a hunter”
~ after you’ve done that, you’ll be notified of almost every hunts going on even when not in the discord app!


great information thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


You’re welcome friend!