Which Hammer would you rather have?


This one at full price:

Or this one for cheaper?

  • Clean, with no quirks for 30k coins
  • With (low impact) quirks for 25k coins

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Just wondering where the community lies on this. I really don’t want to have to make both to sell.


the free one:rofl:

low impact quirks but the exact same stats is a bonus. Plus the quirks can be used in more circumstances as a bonus. Also the one with quirks can have the energy drain lowered, so it really is a bonus.


From my understanding bouncy feet is broken right? Sub bouncy feet with another quirk and i’d take the quirky hammer. Otherwise 30k to avoid dying.


Really? I figured most people just don’t jump while mining. That was one of my “target” quirks labeled as “doesn’t matter”…


I jump occasionally to avoid holes dug by other players or occasionally over lava

I’m actually gonna be shooting for sister hammer quirks. The daytime/night time ones and just switch hammers based on time of day to have 100% uptime on the buff.


I use grapplers when mining, so fall dmg is not concerning


Thats how i see it! I mean, even with the day/night ones, 10% less damage won’t stop you from 1-shotting a Lvl6 planet, right? I almost want to get the Wonky Trigger for the extra 400 Durability!


Since it costs me no where near 25k to forge t6 hammers I didn’t vote since I wouldn’t buy either of those XD. But I aim for quirks now to get better results on each tool.
Nice forges though gj!


@Crete what is your rack/roatation for making the quirkless item?


Neither, the price is damn high


You really do not need the damage that high on either at this time as you just need level 8 damage to one shot t6 worlds or +20 forge damage as long as you have the normal mining skills and this will help the price a lot as over forging as an issue here.


If I had to pick one, it would be the one with no Quirks.

However if I was going to buy an hammer (Which I am personally not. Since I like to do it myself) Neither of them I would buy as they both have to much damage forged on to them, therefore making the price higher for a bonus that doesn’t effect me at all, +20 Damage (Lv8) is all that is needed for 1 shotting T6 worlds.

Also a Quirk that haves the potential to kill you and therefore eject you out of the mine you are in, I don’t really consider “low impact”


I say both full price, maybe even more for the one with quirks.


I always buy hammers exactly like the 1st one. I don’t want any quirks. I’ll pay retail as long as it has what I’m looking for.


Neither, the prices are way too high. I can buy all adjacent hammers with magnetism which will one shot on T6 for under 20k. I’m also starting to forge my own, but they are 2 shots on t6 at the moment. I’m a ps4 player so couldnt experiment with forging on the test server, have to experiment with my own ingredients.


Best of luck going forward then, I expect it will just get more expensive for that type of forged gear. As many forgers (myself included) see the quirks as bonuses and aim for them.
Hopefully there is a solid subset of forgers who keep with the quirk less tools :smiley:


I have a friend… :wink:


The best way to play boundless! Huzzah for friends! Community makes the game worth playing for sure.


Larky sells 1 shot T6 for 17k hand traded


Yup, I realize the prices are high. And I do know these are over-forged… I sell T3, T5, and T6 1-shotters with the lowest possible damage needed for each planet, and am well aware of good pricing. (My T6 1-shotters were on the shelf @ 18k)

The underlying question remains tho… would you pay more for an item (say slingbow) without quirks, than for one with quirks?