Which Hammer would you rather have?


5k is not enough of a margin to pull me away from a perfect forge.

If the cost savings to you was a direct savings to me as well, then I’d be likely to buy the quirk forge, but a 5k difference is a poor … savings I guess we can all it.


Most of the quirks are good given the right situations now. I’ll definitely take a cheaper tool/weapon with quirks depending on what they are and what i need it for.


It depends on the quirks and if they are positive or not as some are still too much of a negative to even want while others are either neutral or positive in some situations but the issue right now is trying to get the ones you want or having to sort through a bunch in shops and inventory to find ones you want.


A few comments… I probably wouldn’t spend that much on a hammer, but I know there are certainly people who would.

I’d buy a perfect hammer with no quirks for no more than about 25k, otherwise I’d rather just use my own.

In my boat, I crafted a few dozen hammers before the patch was pushed out, so for now, if I was buying a hammer, I wouldn’t even consider anything with quirks. In a few months, when I’m out of hammers, I may reconsider this position, or maybe I won’t be playing anymore, if the nerfs keep coming.

I’m not trying to make a statement, this is really just based on my own situation. Hope the input helps.


I’m greedy, ill take your stuff when you leave if you don’t want it. Call it perma storage, where I keep 50% you keep 50% when you come back.


I’ll be hiding my stuff in free shop stands hidden around the world when I leave.


Make sure that world is Shedu. Also I have really large storage blocks for you to hide them in.


But I was also being serious, I have three years of gleam club. I can make you a storage area where you have access too, only you (aside from me) and for 50% I can guarentee those items will still be there for you, for at least three years. I will charge 50% though.


If you ever watch me while mining I jump a lot so yea if that’s broken then I take the one where I dont die lol


Wow… that poll is closer than I thought it would be.

I guess the 5k difference isn’t that big-o-deal if you are already spending that much.


You should probably just make 2 stat aoe t6 1 hit hammers with boon compound 1 though. It’s way cheaper.


Was the quirky one easier to make?


The hammers in OP have double durability… as in they last twice as long… so they “cost” half as much compared to base durable tools like you are describing

BUT to each their own, i understand some people dont like carrying a 1k torch/magnet in their off hand. But i like the increased choices