Which planet has the ancient corruption block?

Title. Also, in which biome can you find it?

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I belive Alcyon, but not sure which biome, and really would like to know to, I need exactly 3 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You will find them in areas with a lot of tall trees and fewer pits leading to the fiery underworld; the closest thing this planet has to a forest. They will glow because there are three blocks of gleam in the middle of them. They look like a big burning sphere or egg of some sort.


Oh yeah! I know those. Thanks a lot !

The knowledge section says that it is in level 1-8 worlds has any on t4 or lower been found

Unlikely. I think that range indicates where it’s possible to be found, but I don’t think any of the world configs for lower worlds include prefabs with ancient corruption in them

Update: if people are looking for ancient corruption, there’s a ton of corrupted trees on Norkyna

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If you’re looking for a safe harvest I happened across a spot by the PS Portal on one of the new planets (Nork?) where the kind owner has set up a portal to an encased trio of trees you can gather from in safety.

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Unfortunately I cant get to new planets

Until the new planets appeared the only place I knew of to get it was on Alcyon in the forests.

What level of protection do I need for Alcyon

I believe its 4 points on the one for burn worlds

Hi could you give me directions to the ps portal ( norkyna where the encased trio of trees are to gather corruption in safety.Id appreciate this knowledge please.Ive been to norkya new planet and I found cold teal gleam portal under hub but not found the ancient corruption portal yet that your mentioning.I need some of it for my build and have regeneration bombs so it would be great if I can get it safely as n when I need it instead of buying it as its dear to buy.Cheers

Its also available to buy from the guy behind my brgr on finata, Ultima city. Due north of the portal hub, run under the burger in the sky and the guy behind me was selling them for like 50 each. It’s more expensive than farming them, but a lot less hassle. Its possible the aforementioned portal might have closed, I’m not sure on that.

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Awww thanks for quick response ! I met you on my travels before .You helped me a while ago with directions to the code gleam when It was running.Your so helpful i remember your name.cheers have a fab holiday:)Think I met you in aquatopia embassy

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There is a portal under the Alcyon PS hub that also leads to corruption blocks. Not as much as on noyanka but still plenty

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Sure. Sadly the portal is closed at the moment but here is where it is.

PS Hub coordinates:

Portal to Ancient Corruption site coordinates:

Perhaps it’ll be back up soon. Owner was Hammas I believe if you want to get in touch. Sorry - I didn’t note the actual harvesting room coordinates while there that time.

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