White Flashing Plot Issue

A weird bug…

My friend, my wife and I have all plotted in the same area connecting each other together. My wife and I have the “orange” plots, but my buddies plots all turn up white and they flash during movement. We’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting plots, having my buddy plot on the other side of us, but no matter what we do we cant get his white plots to turn orange like ours.

Important things to note, it’s three accounts, all friends and family have all three permissions granted on each beacon. (3 total beacons)

Ok so he may have gleam club which allows him to change his beacon colors…
He may also have different permission given to you and your wife which again makes you see the outline in a different color…
Didnt see the permissions part…

You can change the color of your beacon by placing gleam in it, without gleam club. It think it’s white by default, but I could be mistaken, the flickering is a bug tho
Edit: I’m sure it’s in one of the tabs not sure which the.

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My friend doesnt have gleam club he cannot change beacon color I tested this myself with 6 different color gleams… if it’s supposed to work that way its bugged…

I guess so. I’m not and it has worked for me in the past, haven’t tried recently black is cool with me(colorblind).

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Lol… it is extremely helpful when trying to determine who’s plots are whose…
Currently black is plots you dont have permission too…
Orange you have permission…
Color is your preference from gleam added to your beacon… sorted to above color scheme… black still shows I’m pretty sure if you dont have permissions

Thank you for the replies guys. I asked him a few minutes ago if he had Gleam Club without us knowing and he said no.

Default seems to be different colors on different planets or something. The above pictures are on Boori. We have a small group of plots on Storis II together and the plots are all blue and we are not running into this issue.

I just thought of something though. Do you think it’s because the beacon on Boori is not his “home beacon”? I’ll ask him to make sure that the one on Boori is his home beacon but aside from that, I’m kinda at a loss.

ATM it’s a huge eyesore to have the “plot view” on and the flashing white plots give me a headache after a while.

So I just helped a friend put up some plots and they happen to be on PC and have white plots… are you and your wife on ps4 and your friend on pc??..
If so that is the difference…
Ps4 start as orange…
PC is white!!

I wish it was that simple, but nope, he is on PS4 as well as both of us.

Sounds to me you just confirmed there is a bug though lol

Wanted to give an update… got another friend into the game… he plotted next to us and its giving us this same white plot looking bug. I’ve noticed that all plots that touch our plots flash white really bad (mainly while moving).

My wife has epilepsy and it’s messing with her pretty bad. It even messes with me a bit too.

@james @vdragon @Steggs101 @lucadeltodecso any ideas? Is it a setting? Can I fix this on my own?

From reading the posts up to this point, is this a Z-fighting issue that you’re possibly referring to?

I’m not sure, but I’ll try to explain as best as possible.

This is the view of my buddies plots from about 10 blocks away.

This is a view from about 3 blocks away.

This is a view of those same plots while inside the plotted area itself…

It’s important to note that my wife and I do not have this issue. Here is a picture of our plots connected together…

In that last picture you can see our plots are all orange and normal looking, but to the right is another buddy with the white blinking plot issue. It’s strange that my wife and I have no white blinking plots but my buddies who connect to the settlement are white and graphically glitching.

Could gleam club affect this at all? I now know that both of my buddies have gleam club. Could gleam club be causing the white strobe-lighted plots in this view?

In my beacon it shows the plots in question are part of my settlement. I can also confirm that my buddies have the white plot glitch on their end too. They see my plots as orange and theirs as blinking white blocks.

If you need any other information @vdragon please let me know.

PS: We are all on PS4

If they’re blinking then it could still be Z-fighting. I’ve provided a Wikipedia link so you can look at it and confirm whether this is the case.

Also, you can temporarily turn off builder mode by pressing Up on the controller (or ensure that you’re not holding certain items that do the same thing), although that’s obviously not ideal if you want to see where plots are.

I assume what I’m experiencing is z-fighting based on the link you’ve provided to me. It seems as though the game is fighting to keep the white plot visible constantly and in essence is strobing the white plots.

Important to note, my one buddy does not have anything built on the line where his plots meet mine, but the flicker still happens.

Are the plots supposed to be white for them? We have a small plotted space together on Storis and we have no white plots at all. No z-fighting issues on Storis at all. Could this be strictly a Boori z-fighting issue?

Coordinates on Boori where this issue is happening: -148N 614E Altitude 69

We do know about turning off the plot view, but like you said, for building purposes we like keeping it on.

I appreciate your help in getting this nailed down! My wife has issues building in plot view very quickly with this bug. We keep her facing away from the white blinking plots as much as possible but sometimes its unavoidable.

Thank you again @vdragon!

I’ve added your comments to the database (particular the one about epilepsy), for the designers to look at.

I really appreciate it.

We worked with my buddy to re-plot and mess around with his beacons last night. We had him remove all plots except the one for his master beacon. We then had him put a beacon down on the other side of our settlement. It was black until he fueled it and gave me permission. Once he gave me permission it turned green!

Every time we had him add a plot to the white beacon, it turned white, and every time he added a plot to the green beacon it turned green.

So we spent a while re-plotting and destroying beacons until he could make his area green.

There is still z-fighting along his plots, but it’s an orange/green color now which is much more bearable. My wife doesn’t have issues with the dark flashing compared to the bright white.

Thank you for your time on this @vdragon. It is much appreciated!

Edit: I’d show you a new picture but I’m not at home right now.

The flickering is Z fighting between 2 plot boundaries. The boundary shares the same line so game doesn’t know which to display. Which is why they flicker back and forth.

I understand that now. Quite honestly, the issue is essentially the bright white color to the flicker more than anything. The dark flickering is much easier on the eyes.

Agreed, even worse when the sun/ sky bloom hits them at the perfect angle. Talk about epilepsy.

Yep! And at night it looks like a haunted house with all the strobes. I know Halloween is coming up but we would much rather build spooky torches than have random strobes we can’t control lol

I’ve purposely had my wife build towards the far end of the settlement away from the white plots because of this. She gets dizzy and headaches from the strobes.

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