White foliage

Does anyone have any white foliage for sale? Is there such a thing? Also does anyone sell black ice or glacier? Don’t know if that is real or not either.

There is definitely white foliage, and I actually got… I think 9SS of each…if I’m not mistaken.

R u selling? Lets c if i can afford some!

black and dark grey ice at my portal hub - TNT Antar. 20-ish coin per block. not sure if that’s a lot or not

Will b on Friday and check then. depends if Ocfos leaves me any cents. Thank you for your reply.

If you have any special gleam or glowing mushrooms, I’d be happy to trade for some. Building a large underground diorama, so glowing stuff is needed.

Black ice is farmable using gleam pops. There are several farms set up around, I know we have one at TNT… then can be chisel changed to black glacier if needed.


I recently added another at the TNT Raxxa Minihub. The sign on the portal just says “ice”.

If all you want from the 4 plot farm is black, you can regen and re-ice it a couple of times per gleampop.

As @soju taught me, it’s a different pattern on each layer so continuing to ice and dig down (without regenerating) yields a couple more black ice but honestly, it’s not worth it if you just want a bunch of black ice. Regen, ice and harvest the top layer, then regen again.

Only been playing for 2 years; however what the helck is a gleam pop? I was guessing gleambow something or other since i don’t usually do that. Anyway, i don’t think i have any. I was hoping the black ice was on option on sov; but don’t know since i haven’t done that either! :slight_smile: 20c per piece is sounding better all the time @Apt.

not yet…

its a crafted item, that when used gives you a short buff that freezes water into colorful ice

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@Ocfos. Anything specific color on special gleam? I’ll chk inv for the shrooms.

thank u @Soju-VB

I have plenty of glowing plants/fungus for sale at Dragon’s Retreat. Accessible thru TNT Hub, second level of portals. Many many colors

the problematic part about gleam pops and ice farming is that they last for only a couple of minutes and any specific colour only appears in one spot in few blocks. it’s easy and cheap if you want a random bunch of colours, trickier if you want 1 colour in larger quantities, and the supply of pops is finite.
good news is that all 255 colours of ice are now available, it’s just a matter of finding the spot