Who has a rock shop?

Looking for small quantities of select colors.

Z bunny

@Wondernut is yours still up on Maryx?

I have a rock shop outside on the grounds of Ki’Rin Co. On Phem. My shop is called Rock Hard Boulders. Accessible through the Ki’Rin portal on the Mall wall at TNT Hub. I also have a rock shop (same name) on Lutrion at my base. Accessible through the TNT Lutrion Portal (Dragon’s Retreat).

Edit: sorry I just realized you said rocks. For some reason boulders was stuck in my head. My bad

Try Sydney Supplies via the Lasaina TNT portal.

What colors are you looking for?

Various colors as the build comes I’ll know the colors lol


wondernut and dwarftree’s “The Quarry” shop also has gleambow colors cheap rocks , accessible via TNT EZPZ Maryx hub and Dk Mall hub, otherwise Hannelores sprayshop on RTG Arie also has some rare cheap sprays , and as last resort Painters has rocks and sprays :stuck_out_tongue: i just restocked ALL colors (welp white is kinda always sold out no matter how often i restock lul)


Oh yeah the Quarry is still Rockin lol


The Quarry is Dwarf and mine on Maryx. Dragons Lair door @TNT, Quarry door @DK and The Quarry @ EZPZ hub