Who is Forging Still?

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Looking for an up-to-date list of who is Forging- where to buy and are your shops well stacked?
Maybe you could post your
Prices for T1-T17 Tools
Where to find them…

Ran around for a hour and found 9 hammers for sale for EXO.

Never seen them either on sale :thinking: :eyes:


I got hammers yesterday from a shop through the TNT Delta Cancret portal. I can’t remember the name of it, but the portal takes you right into it.


Well i am forging atm.
I have T6 speed Tools (so you have max speed with brrws) and T3 Dura tools

Further i have armored loot fists, regen abd healing bombs some liquidbreakers.

I have divided my tools in tools with quirks and without quircks because …
i am selling my tools at pandas quirky forges at gellis
T6 tools 7000, 6500 or 6000
T3 tools 4500 or 4000
healing 450
regen 300
armorfists 4500 or 4000
Liquidbreakers 5000

Maybe i will add some crit slingbiws for 10k per bow later

Edit: reachable through
gelis gtg -> nr 3
Tnt gelis -> Der Panda
Tnt Megahub -> panda loves Tanuki -> der Panda
Dark landing -> panda loves tanuku -> der Panda


LMAO!!! i want T17 Hammers too…
Sure you can pull a fav from james for us…

Ill check it out for sure, do you do large orders?

defin large orders^^

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(sorry, felt a bit cheeky there) :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s plenty of AOE hammers for sale at Sydney Supplies on Lasaina. The display shows what tier they can be used at with and without strength brews. Plenty of diamond hammers, or two smart stacks of max speed T7 Sapphire hammers (with strength brew) were still left this morning. Sapphire ones are expensive… if you love max speed though, you can’t use anything but that!


I made a couple batches of sapphire speed hammers T6 - exit TNT hub Circ and head to the wildstock statue.

I also made a batch of Diamond T6, AOE / Strength / Loot which are just opposite in the Monstore.

I thought I’d foray into forging when I started playing again but those hammers have been on the stands for a month and barely any sales.

If you need more just ping me, I have some diamond speed ones aswell still in storage.
Also happy to do a bulk purchase discount.

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I miss @KArios


Where are my favourite forging peeps @whitelet @KArios

I used up the last of my @KArios hammers a week ago and I was so bummed :cry:

I hope you’ve found some of what you are looking for. I tend to do my own forging, (I actually enjoy the process, which isn’t a common feeling I know lol) so I don’t tend to keep track of forges much. The wiki page has some good notes and tips on how the process works if you wanted to check it out (I helped write some of it a year or two ago, last I looked it still existed).

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I too oddly enjoy forging. I do find that it does become a bit too tedious though and the ingredients aren’t cheap.

I know I spent an hour or more on forging some totems with glow and auto harvest on them and that process was horrendous granted in the end I wound up with some clear weather totems.

Others tools aren’t too bad though, I am sure there are some better ways of doing them than I do. Maybe we should detail out forging again … I do use some previous posts and videos from players to guide me at times.

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Totems are the worst! Lol, i have some dmg wayfarer totems I use for mostly building on higher tier planets. For lighting and autoloot I have moved to exclusively making those out of spanners (I call them Sonic Spanners :laughing: ). They don’t have as great of a risk of getting durability loss in the field if I accidentally use one while looting.


Well forging is sometimes a bit tedious (looking at you saphire slingbow). I am basically just selling what i am using myself so i know it works and i am trying to be as timeefficient with what i do as i can^^ so my stuff sometimes is a bit interessting or different.


I personally ONLY use Wayfarer Totems for building. Haven’t used a hammer/shovel/axe to work on my builds since… I dunno… 2019? I might start to sell my own forged ones, too.

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They are an adequate tool for general purpose building for sure. Sometimes I use a gold fist instead only because they are easier to get the dmg needed to 1 shot the blocks easier. Aiming those can be a pain tho so I tend to favor wayfarer totems as well. I can’t actually make the totems themselves so I’ve had to go places like the aquatopian sunken mall and stock up on them from time to time.

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i do this too. I can’t make the wayfarer totems but from time to time I snag a smart stack or three and save them for a rainy day.

I too like the Wayfarer totems the best… for the one shot…