Who made my pies?

you know how forged gear sometimes displays who forged it? I want something like that, but for food. that way, if someone cooks my pie how I like it, I can compliment the chef.


:rofl: :+1:


its true, lol. sometimes I cant see who forged my hammers, even though I know who did it. its always bluejelly

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I would imagine that being completely impossibleā€¦ unless they disallowed stacking of pies created by different peopleā€¦ but just my thought on it :smiley: But sure would be nice to know that for most things


Why? You can stack hammers example no matter if tgere would be 9 different forgers.

I like the idea

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you donā€™t have a stack of 100 Hammers, you have 9 individual hammers in a smart stack. So I would imagine for it to work you could not stack 10 Baked by Buugi with 10 of mine into 1 stack of 20 etc would have to be 2 stacks of 10 in 1 smart stackā€¦


Isnt there only one flavor of pie?