Who needs building partners or just some help

Every so often I see people asking for people to play with or you could just use this topic to ask for a helping hand with a big build.

Yeah I got a little bored of sitting out in solitary building my blue crystal palace. Anyone want to hire me on as a builder? I would rank my building skills as a 7.5/10

anyone up for some granite breaking?

I’m kinda split - I wanna play Oort, but at the same time I try to be patient about its development process.
Nevertheless, I’m on Omoson (don’ kno if it is already back up). I’m in a giant mountain cave on an island there, which looks a bit turdy though it also could be the tip of Miss Liberty’s flame. It’s a magical place and my plan was to build hanging basket structures into it, like sort of nests for the inhabitants. If you’re interested come by. I can send you the coordiantes if you like.

Oooh I hate granite breaking. We need better picks!