Who runs B.U.T.T.?

I can’t seem to find a contact on the website, just wanted to let them know there may be an issue with the site (I can’t see listings for items for sale on a couple of planets, where I know said items are definitely for sale)

@Mayumichi does I believe.

I noticed a few days ago the Australian planets were not updating. Now it seems like it is not listing any items on those planets altogether. Not sure what’s up.

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It looks like the Known Worlds were scanned 1-4 hours ago. It looks like the AUS Sovereigns were last scanned 11 days ago.

@Eneitgranny On sovereigns or Known Worlds?

Known Worlds. Nothing from Sydney Supplies on Lasaina shows up, for example.

711 shop stands on Lasaina were scanned 8 minutes to several hours ago.

Edit to add: Correct, this isn’t showing up on B.U.T.T. yet. Maybe it takes awhile to update the info?

I am looking at the planet listings here https://www.boundlexx.app/worlds/16/
And items listed here https://www.boundlexx.app/items/32994/

They don’t match each other, nor does it match with B.U.T.T. I’d guess it just needs time :woman_shrugging:

I’ve never seen anything acurate with the aus planets on butt. Even with manual item searches on planets. Been maybe 2 weeks since I started up again

known worlds, things on Storis that have been there for months weren’t showing, so I checked for regular things on other known world (wood trunks on Lasaina for eg) and they weren’t showing either.

Apologies for the wait, wasn’t online for the whole weekend :confused: Some errors on the scanner server, should be fixed now! Let me know if the items don’t start appearing in an hour or two.


Thank you! It’s much appreciated.

Thanks for fixing!

Out of curiosity, how is one not online for a whole weekend? This concept is quite alien to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By having a broken car which needs fixing :smiley:


all fixed for the planets I noticed. Thank you, and thank you for making such a really useful site.

Cars are the worst. Doesn’t matter what type it is

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