Who stocks (and sells) forge ingredients?


Please plug yourselves here:


Forging Matters in iLLumiNaughty! :nerd_face::+1: next door to The Witches Brew.


Janna’s shop at Nova Golda Market does!


Dont give away my spots!


Beat me to it, and thanks for mentioning me ! :butterfly::hugs:

Need to take images of my shop. Hephaestus’s Cupboard sells items to be used in basic forging and some for those who want to branch out. Keep forgetting to put up a mailbox for those who may want special made mats.

It can at times run a bit short as some items are hard for me to get, and some, such as road runner feathers I don’t get at all. But I will do my best to make what is needed. I check daily and restock as quick as I can, going to set up some baskets in the special area so I can better get what I need. May eat some of my profit, but want to keep customers as happy as I can…


I know I bought a few of the stands out myself… lol


There’s a store in the Shire that has some good forging stuff too.


Thanks guys