Who would be interested in a moving auction?


Thinking about getting this going in game and wondering if anyone would actually be interested.
I would ask people to submit location every other week where I would choose a spot in there build to set up a temporary auction and raffle. I like the idea of moving it each week as it then can be used to show off some epic build and maybe generate some footfall for those who didn’t build in large settlement or hubs.
The number of lots up for auction would depend on how many people wanted to put there stuff up for auction (all profits would go to them) and how much I could get prepared in the two week time.
Would be held every other weekend as I work every other weekend.
Would use the in game emote system to have players put in bids. ( they would stand at a numbered spot and I would then be able to say number 26 buds 50c do I hear 75) this way ppl who don’t have discord are still able to participate.
Would try to have lots up for auction ranging from lower tier gear for new players to forged gear for more experienced and wealthy players.
Just a thought I had and am curious if anyone would be interested. ( if enough interest i would try to start this weekend)
Also the raffle would have 6 tiers for all levels of wealth. 1c,10c,100c,250c,500c, and 1000c ( this way everyone can participate) tiers would have different prizes however.


A player hosted auction house run by the players and not NPCs would be a brilliant and profitable venture if somebody could organize it well. This game can have it all, if only players are willing to put the work in to do it.


We have some plots that would be great for something like this and we are off of the Ultima and PS networks as well.
Also a tier one planet being Angel 1 so no problems for anyone as far as protections and hostiles.


I really like the idea personally and am going to atleast try it for a month before I give up on the idea but I want to move it weekly and announce the locations so different builds are showcased and more people receive footfall. Kinda like a weekend pop up auction house just every other weekend unless I can find someone to host the weekends I work :grin:


Well standing offer as a location for your idea.


Will keep you in mind. Name of settlement so I can come check it out sometime when I’m on?


I like this idea it could bring footfall to a different build each time, could be used to help players that need a little coin plus add a little fun - may I make a future suggestion though cause I saw the last auction post and in it people bid “30c each” on a 900 quantity item, should tell people to bid total prices so rest of us don’t have to do math to compete; I know this sound will and simple but in a timed auction its essential imo


Came to that same idea when thinking about how to ensure buyers don’t just bid then back out. One of the excuses I thought they might try is that they didn’t know how much money they were spending. When this gets done I want to make sure it gets done right and that there is as little opportunity for trolling and scamming as possible. :grin:


Would you be on site the whole time or would you be setting up request baskets for people to put in there name and amount they are willing to pay on a portal token.


The name of the settlement is Quark on Angel 1 can get to it from grovidias te PS under the big tree next to the hub by mad scientists lab or through the upper level of personal portals in Grindstone which is the US West hub for Ultima HQ.
Will post coordinates when I get home from work tonight.


Both now that you told me how to do silent auctions :grin: thanks.
Hoping to do actual live auctions where players can meet up and use the emote system to indicate a bid while I do the whole going once twice three times sold thing. Also could set up a shop named E-bay ofc and have auctions. Maybe even use the guild system when it comes out to let people post there stuff in the store idk will have to see how all those systems work just invite people to the eBay guild xD


The idea of auction is cool but the whole have to be present situation sucks considering people play at all different times. The devs really need to add a shop stand that takes bids.