Wholesome Dev Appreciation Thread


Release is approaching rather quickly and our beloved devs have probably been swamped. Use this thread to post something sweet about any feature that truly stands out to you in the game so that the person who worked on it feels a little bit of love. Alternatively, just say some nice words about a dev that you have interacted with on the forums. Obviously, they can’t all constantly interact with the community so try to give those out in the back some love!

I have been playing around a bit with rotation in a project of mine and realize how daunting it is. I remember a few times (in Boundless) when some of the origin points on the drops had been set incorrectly in testing and they had been flying around everywhere! To the unsung hero who makes our loot bounce and rotate to make it stand out from other objects in the distance, thank you :heart:


Personally i absolutely love the glow/aura of certain planets, and the way the water reflects as well (hope we hqave character reflections at some point vbubt not fussed if we dont)

I know its been a long road and things are slowing down and sme things have been said we don’t all agree with and etc…

But moving on this is honestly probably my most favorite game since buying the other year but is a shame i can’t live my life here!~

BRAVO @james and team BRAVO!


Wholeheartedly second this. Well done, Wonderstruck!!!

It’s challenging running under the EA model yet keeping a reasonably polished product that people will actually want to play during that phase of the game yet you did so. It’s even harder cutting off scope in order to push out a 1.0 yet you’re doing so. SUPER excited for the new universe after the reset on August 13.

Question for the devs @james @luke-turbulenz and others:

After the wipe on August 13, you say that the new universe will be up “shortly” afterwards and that EA backers will be free to log in and start building out stuff in the live client. When you say “shortly” are we talking hours, days, or a week+ here? The reason I ask is I actually want to take a couple vacation days from work to play Boundless (my birthday happens to be tomorrow so I’m using that as an excuse with wifey lol) and I need to know what days are good for me to request. Will the new universe be up roughly by August 14 or does “shortly” mean something more like August 16, 17, etc?


@Steggs101 said on the discord that they hope it will be the same week.


I have barely played 200+ hours this game abd those have been prolly most enjoyable 200hours. Excited for backerlaunch! :sunglasses:


Well I do live in this game and have loved all 3637 hr’s of it. I am ready for 1.0. the devs are awesome. Yaahoooooooooooooo can’t wait to be boundless.: :clap: :+1:


Yes I would like to take off the whole week following that. I got PTO to use up :coffee:


I love that shift-click works now for stacks!!! I know there were some bugs this last week getting the feature working properly, but I’ve finally been able to sort through most of my stuff now that I don’t have to manually click every sub-stack!!! it’s so nice!!!


The changes to the skill system and the graphical upgrades and so many other quality of life changes…are clear evidence of a dev that cares about their game and the beautiful community behind its success. Bravo and cheers.


I am enjoying this game like crazy. A lot of the new features have been really fun, especially the new meteorites. Even though they need more rebalancing, the new waves offer a lot of variety that is going to be really interesting in the worlds to come!


Devs, you guys have been doing a FANTASTIC job! Please excuse all of the drama in the forums lately, it’s just that we all care deeply about the wonderful game you have created and want to see it succeed post-release. Some of the recent changes are big and scary to many of us, but we trust that if something isn’t right you guys will find a way to correct it.


I love the leaf block texture
Grappling around while in combat! So amazing
I loved the big trees planets! So many cool biomes


Enjoying the music, the particle effects, and definitely the new skill tree just to name a few! So much about this game is great!


I really like the art in Boundless, really great work @jesshyland and whoever else is doing the art work for your team.


I really appreciate the game as a whole and how it has evolved even in just the past 8 months or so that I’ve been playing. You guys put everything you have into this game and it really shows. You guys listen to feedback and always come up with something from it, not to mention constantly exceeding at least my expectations with every patch that has come out. I don’t care about what other people say, you guys are awesome and so is this game!


idd… but thats the thing when a game nears completion… rumors get thrown about… accusations get made… and then on release no one appologizes for being wrong and they all love it regardless :slight_smile: (not aimed at you but in general)

And at the devs… thanks for being so patient with myself and the others :slight_smile:


The doors are great,
Hoppers now jump 10 blocks in the air…
Packs of Road Runners is awesome!!!

And the amount of work you guys get done in such a short period of time even if I don’t always like the changes its amazing the amount of work you do in the time that you do it…



And Moebius comes in with some random music video from the 90s…



At least he bumped it for more exposure I guess? :thinking: