Who's Left?

It’s been a very long time since my last log in and I just came back. It was so sad to see what the game has become. I saw Brown Town is disbanding, Aquatopian Embassy isn’t the amazing thing I saw first time playing, Portal Seekers doesn’t have hubs… I could go on. I actually teared up as I walked around and saw little to no players in once thriving cities and even seeing Aenea’s town gone was heartbreaking.

Are there people who still play regularly? How many are left after the news of the devs focusing on BG3? I’d love to come back and create again.

If anyone wants to visit my guild let me know. I think I need to redo some portals.


In short, there aren’t many left. That’s not to say it’s desolate but you have anywhere between 50-100 MAX players at any given point in time. There’s a small handful of somewhat popular settlements and that’s it. You’ve got EZPZ, KREE, and a few others. All the ones you listed are no more. This is all a direct result of the devs abandoning the game.


Welcome back! :hugs: EZPZ is still here and most of us live on Maryx (depends on when you left EZPZ might not be founded yet)


Funny enough our home base is next to EZPZ on Maryx! We’re between you guys and Dragons Keep (Hallimar II). We used to do a lot of trading with you all when the guild was active. I look forward to seeing all the improvements you all have done!


Yeah once I saw the dev notes I figured many would leave. Maybe one day this game can rebuild the fan base, but I think it is only a fever dream.

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I’ll be here till the death of the universe…


Glad to here it! If you’re ever around Maryx look around for Delver32

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Will do, got a big building project on Sochatin I at the moment, so spending my time between that and harvesting goo…


not many left, right?


Still there since 3 years now. Pharaos Kingdom with my own high Tier Network which include all permanent Planet s , GTG hunting planets and Portals to pakas place and squatch Mining .

Living on Pharao’s Kingdom my sov Planet t3 connected to GTG Underworld , River Town, Alutech, TNT Mega Hub , Mohen Denjaro, Medeow Farms and Roman Kingdom .

There are many people gone but still many new arriving so If you have fun to Play the game than do IT .

Boundless IS what you want to do and nothing ealse .

Greetings Turrican2006

Btw Happy Birthday Boundless :grinning::grinning::grinning:


From what KArios told me there isnt as many as there used to be. I’m on now trying to figure out a good spot to build a satellite city for my guild. Something closer to a more active hib


Cookie Kingdom is still around I’m on regularly boop


many are only dormant and ready to come back when there are signs of updates coming


GTG has been going strong now, getting close to 2 years!
We have many active users, and are constantly coming across new players in game!

If you’re into building, this game is still everything you desire. If you require constant updates, then maybe not so much.

There could never be an update, and I’ll still be around. I enjoy the hunting, building, and even forging.

With PS going away, we have created a new portal network, that we have been running now for about 4 months. It’s like a combination of TNT/PS combined. We have one central hub to connect to all planets, then each planet has portals that people can connect to. We pay for all the big portals, so no one feels obligated to fuel a big portal.

Glad to see some old players returning.


I’m on almost daily


Plenty of people left lol


@aray9000 The two main guild leaders of Brown Town have quit, that’s true. But there are people who have stepped forward to keep it going. So Brown Town is here to stay.

As to @AeneaGames, she passed away back in January. Nova Golde is still around around, as she passed control of it to others. There is a portal at TNT dedicated to her. We had a day and night of remembrance for her, talking about meeting and playing with her. There is a memorial set up on Lutrion dedicated to her memory. Others have added their own memorials on various other planets.


I’m back after a break. For me, the break wasn’t because of the devs though. Real life has been hard since February.

I mainly play in the morning and evening before or after work just depending on how much I have going on and have my home on Maryx in EZPZ. It’s a big pink thing under construction still :laughing:

I feel like those of active should all band together and move nearby so it will feel less lonely lol. Just me, I like being near other activity


I’m dormant too - browsing the forum and filling beacons / portals every few weeks :slight_smile:
I still have some faith and I keep on waiting.



I’m still here, not going anywhere. Farming on Biitula and even working on some new videos… when work isn’t gobbling up all my time that is ><