Why do we love the concept of Boundless?

I want to get a little discussion going.
What was it about Boundless (Or Oort Online), that made you throw money at the screen?

For me;
I love sandbox and rpg’s, and for me, Boundless was the only good Sandbox MMORPG. I can’t really believe that no one has made a game like Boundless before. And sandbox MMORPG sounds impossible, because wouldn’t the worlds just be completely destroyed and how would you build anything in a world full of people with no laws? Luckily Boundless has answered those questions, and it’s pretty simple as well. There will be beacons to protect your home, and outside beacons the world will regenerate so it wont look super ugly after a week. And Boundless will have tons of very different worlds that are all beautiful, so hopefully there will be plenty of land to build for all players. But this isn’t just minecraft, with the MMO aspect. First of all, you got the beautiful graphics of Boundless and then you got all the RPG elements and the titans!

To make it short:
I love Boundless because it’s an Sandbox MMORPG that works.

What about you?


Well i bought it cause the devs seemed engaged in the game, also cause they were very down to earth.

what i saw it to be was this massive sandbox MMORPG where you could become a trader, a warrior, or a crafter and you would have to get through those worlds getting stronger and stronger, sadly the concept of being a crafter seems a bit lost and i fear that the game might tilt too much towards just being a minecraft with better graphics and online worlds, so i got it in the hope that it would basically be a more casual version of SWG or The repopulation with better graphics and interesting combat. only time will tell though.


For me… I liked the concept of Minecraft and I spent some time in that game, but in the end I just couldn’t stomach the infantile graphics any longer. When Boundless came along, I was BLOWN AWAY! The Beautiful Voxel Engine is amazing: LOD, God rays, depth of field, etc. It’s piqued my interest from a building standpoint, from a technology standpoint and the MMORPG aspects that have grown up around this foundation are intriguing as well.

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I came for the cool visuals and the idea of their game.

I stayed for the community and active devs.


I got interested in Oort because the concept seemed really promising but there are many early access games that seem promising. What convinced be to buy it was the attitude the devs had towards their community. I think this is atm still one of Oorts main selling points.


I loved Cubeworld. But the developement didn’t finish. And even if it will be finished one day, the concept “everyone has their own server, you can play local (singleplayer)” etc makes cheating possible and destroys the fun of such a game. It’s more like play alone or with friends. You need to invest time to meet others because you need to invest time in a serverlist as example. Thats where Boundless comes in. There is a great concept for building (like Minecraft with Archeage housing), Combat (like Cubeworld), hopefully a marketplace (MMOs generally) and last but not least pvp. So overall even if it takes 1-2 or maybe 3 years for development I am fine. I see Borderless like a casual MMO (ex: Guild Wars 2). Thats mainly the reason for me why I love this game even if it isn’t finished yet.


I dont think cheating will be possible.

+1 Spot on!

I got interested because of its presentation and mild appeal. I loved some of the already existing concepts of buildings. I’m always sceptical towards the mmorpg genre, because it offers worlds to get lost in, which is a point I like and dislike at the same time. Oort somewhat sounded quirky and friendly. Boundless is not bad and I’m hoping for the best for the game and the developers.

On a sidenote - it is difficult for me to keep temper and maintain a fluent way of expressing myself in English (German is not easier). I’m a fool for games. It probably is a thing I won’t let go of for the rest of the time being.

I’m happy the community didn’t throw me out so far.

It is interesting to watch a game grow and to see the pace at how it happens with such a tiny studio like Wonderstruck.

K, now - whiplash off to work.


I played a lot of Minecraft and a lot of MMOs (mostly Runescape). And when I saw Oort it looked like the devs tried to make a mix of the two I could get behind.
So I came for the game idea and stayed because the devs seemed to be capable of making said game.


I saw they worked on Farcry 2 and sent my money in. :stuck_out_tongue:

The minecraft-esque-ness of the game, plus easy multiplayer and tons of worlds was probably the first draw. Tack on outstanding visuals from the get go, cool tools like grappling hooks, and the games that folks on the team have worked on before (seriously, the list is impressive) sold me.

And then the community is kinda fantastic and the team is really involved; it just keeps getting better.


Would like to add personally that i absolutely love the voxel aesthetic in games, also the reason i bought cubeworld and stonehearth, sadly many of them are just minecraft clones with no substance, i have been looking for a proper voxel mmorpg for at while, trove scratched that itch for a while, but the fact that all the blocks looked like rubber blocks made me give up on it in the end.

here is praying to the mighty dev team that we will get a good mmorpg, the tier system gave me hope for that, i was screaming like a little girl when i saw it because it is precisely what i see as the perfect game system and have been begging for a SAO type world where you had to kill a boss to progress. next step is deep crafting system where i can dive into being a crafter (refer to SAO and how Lisbeth plays, that would be EPIC)


I haven’t actually bought the game yet, but it caught my attention because the stuff that people were talking about putting into the game made it have a whole lot more creative freedom than, say, minecraft. sure, in minecraft you can make a redstone computer, but can you make a sand wedge? can you fight a gigantic moving titan thing and build airships that can actually fly around? can you build a city that people are actually going to live in?


My favorite thing about the game when I first Heard of it was that all the worlds were connected, which means that everyone who plays the game can see what you’ve built/discovered. I also love that every world is unique; you don’t have the same boring hills on every planet. I also love the Idea of a completely player-driven economy.

As we play games where there’s massive interaction with other players, we learn more about ourselves in the real world, which feels awesome!


My family has been playing Minecraft since late 2009. OO/Boundless was offering to bring to the table the things we liked about Minecraft plus much more. We like the ability to host our own server, survival, building, farming, adventuring, exploring, and more in a large sandbox (like Minecraft). If it was just like Minecraft with better graphics we probably would have not agreed to buy OO/Boundless.

The options we liked about OO/Boundless was interconnection of different worlds (across servers), diversity of worlds, life (plants/ animals) and graphics.

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Hi, as a minecraft player who has played both on pc and ps4 , but preferred ps4 due to being useless on a keyboard, boundless provides some of the options I liked from modded pc minecraft, namely servers and definitely beacons (easy version of worldguard).
I also like the options on block types (slopes etc) and am hopeful more will be added (ie. upside down and corner stairs). The whole interconnected portals is a new twist, and improved graphics is a bonus.
I must say only being new to the alpha I’m pleasantly surprised by the variety of blocks/textures already in, thumbs up to the devs…

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