Why do you hunt?

We were talking about hunting and I was wondering why different people hunt. Anonymous voting.

If multiple choices apply, pick the reason that you feel suits you best. For example, I occasionally hunt to socialize, but I picked “I used to hunt but it got boring” since I felt it fit me best.

  • I enjoy hunt mechanics and mobs
  • I don’t hunt because I don’t enjoy it
  • I don’t hunt because I don’t need hunt stuff
  • I don’t hunt because of lag
  • I used to hunt but stopped because it got boring.
  • I need oort but don’t enjoy it
  • I need coin but don’t enjoy it
  • I need other hunt stuff but don’t enjoy it
  • Obligation to others
  • Socializing

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I like Hunting / PvM in this game
But I do think it could use some love with some more mobs and maybe some close combat wepons :slight_smile:


No Thank You.

I hunt because I want oort and Forge materials, My enjoyment haves very little to do with it.

I don’t „Enjoy“ it but i don’t really dislike it either.

My feelings about it are neutral because it is very easy to find a public hunt which really turns it into a brain dead activity where i don’t have to think about hunting, and I just run around with a spanner loot stick in one hand, Healing bombs in the other, while listening to Rudy from Alpha Investments talk and/or rant about MTG and/or financial advice. And after about 2 hours of following a hunt leader and listening to Rudy, I have an inv full of materials that I wanted.

I think hunting is missing many many elements and therefore and offers very little in terms of an actual PvE experience, it is extremely repetitive, and lacks well defined roles that feel nice.


I only hunt when I really need to. I haven’t really needed oort because i only have one portal right now but sometimes i need a lot of a certain drop to make forge ingredients or other recipes requiring mob drops. I still have reserves from a while back so I still don’t need to yet.

I used to hunt a lot, and it used to be REALLY fun, when we still got xp from hitting mobs at least once, now all the xp goes to the DPSers. then the oort and rewards dropped from less participation and I stopped hunting completely.


This is a good point. IMO everyone within range should get a little XP for each kill; those with meteor life a little more; those who get hits a little more and killing blows the most.


sure, I suppose that is fair enough… as long as we aren’t left with nothing if we don’t get to the mobs as fast as others.


Yeah getting no XP for tanking or healing is pretty unfair. I forgot about that tbh.


I hunt cause I need oort and generally I enjoy it - navigating and using terrain is as interesting part of it as is fighting mobs.

But I can’t say it’s as good as it could be, and it gets boring at times (when I need a lot of oort and must hunt for 2 hrs straight). It doesn’t matter solo or in group - too much is too much. I wish oort was moved to mining, and meteorites were there to get some other stuff (meteor-unique).


It’s soo repetitive and boring, if I didn’t need the mob drops for building and the oort for blocks and the portals I wouldn’t even attend hunts anymore at this point.
Used to lead hunts and even did a lot of solo meteoring back in the day, now it’s just a necessity which I do not enjoy.



My current build needs various bonding agents for just about everything, which requires glues, which requires bones, so I hunt for bones.


Same + Oort + Stuff for Vital Essence.

Hunting used to be one of the main things I did, but have grown distant from it. I only do large hunts every now and then but all I do is grapple around with a loot stick - which is probably why I don’t have much fun with it. But that’s all I need to do.

I’d rather have incentive to hunt in small groups, where everyone in the group has an important role. I can only give WoWs Dungeons for an example for the group synergy (but obviously totally different in gameplay)



I keep repeating that meteorites would do better if they had their own set of difficult mobs and own unique rewards - current mobs could be just “normal” hunt ambient creatures (so, move along and hunt whatever spwans).
A few powerful mobs spawned from meteorite portals, ones that you need a few minutes to defeat, would make fighting more tactical and engaging and there would be no players that are not involved cause the most skilled and best equipped players kill everything within seconds.

Current mobs have interesting moves and attacks, but it all descends into chaos when there are too many of them all around - its all about grappling to something and/or running around and mass killing them as fast as possible.
When I explore around and fight 2-3 maybe 4 ambient mobs at once, as they spawn, I enjoy it way more, cause I actually react to their movements and types of attack and think more than when fighting in a large group against waves of creatures.


I think hunting is pretty fun, especially on high tier worlds where everyone does kinda have to fill a role… but the lag keeps me from any group hunt except the occasional USE hunt.
I’ve been stuck doing solo hunts for a month or two :woman_shrugging:


O I need oort and enjoy it


I enjoy getting the loot, but I’d rather have a wildstock ranch


I picked socialising, but I go for the oort.
There are a few people who make the hunts fun for me, a lot of the time it’s the only place in game I see some people such as @DaOne82 and if not for the social side I would get very bored of hunting!


I hunt for oort and monster bits, bit of challenge, meeting the new ppl and spending a bit of time chatting with the friends on discord during the hunt.

I like how it works and how everyone gets his share of the loot.

It could be improved, new mobs, new special rounds meteors.

All in all, I still enjoy it, gonna keep on huntin


I do my best :slight_smile: a boring hunt is never fun… and @Trickyy90 you love it when i stand infront of you and /CLAP hehe :wink:


I am not setup to hunt, I have 0 interest in the fighting side of the game. Gathering and Building is why I play, not to fight things. Down side is no way to get oort for portals, unless I buy it or some kind person donates me some.

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Voted for “I need oort but don’t enjoy it”.
I wish I had a better alternative to hunts to get oortstones, but I can’t afford buying them either.
Although, when I actually get to it, I enjoy playing with the people from Sasquatchville and the Illuminaughty or others… but more because of the social aspect. The gameplay of the hunt itself it boooooriiiiiiing.