Why does the 'go to item' not work if filter is on?


I’m not sure if this is a bug, as such.

In the knowledge tab, if you have any filters on, the ‘go to item’ does not work if the item is not within the filter.

I would have thought it would override the filter and just take you to the item?


Every single time I’ve heard someone complain about this, it’s been “Clicking go to item only works sometimes”

Is it really that simple?
Does clicking the item work every time if there is no filter?


Yeah - it’s a lame issue.

Clicking an item should take you to the item if it’s in the current filter, or remove the filter then take you to the item.


Yes, that simple!

It was a while before I worked it out, and have been meaning to post about it for a bit to, but just remembered this morning.

The more items that get added, the more of a pain it is to scroll through unfiltered!