Why I left the Minecraft community for Oort

Headphone users, be warned…

Most calm person I’ve ever heard

10/10 would let my ears bleed again

Bad day? Jk,but in all seriousness,I’m black and I don’t appreciate the word N#####!!! use so many times. It’s just mean.

Wow, he’s musical too :open_mouth: Such a talented kid

I’m pretty sure this kid is a troll… I hope he’s a troll

EDIT: He’s confirmed fake… THANK GOD

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Well, thanks for the headphone heads up, saved my eardrums. I don’t know why anyone wastes their time making junk like this… I guess he is getting views…

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If a kid did that to me, no matter how old, young, or pathetic, I might strangle them till the noises stopped.


And that’s why I only bother with Redstoners on yt^^

Some points he was making are true, hard work,stop hating. That’s why I hate when people say Oort is a MC clone. It’s not a clone,it’s just being built upon.
If that makes since?

It does not matter how “true” somebody’s points are, when presented in that manner they lose all credibility. I actually hate MC a little more after having watched that video.


I better send him screenshots of this game just to see if he makes a video about it

His videos are the only things that has made me laugh all week

You should try that…“Wow,wow,Oort!!! What th f### it’s just a MC clone !!!”

I am so glad it’s a troll account…
I’d kill myself if someone was so stupid :confused:

Nah, that would only be stupider than actually being that person.

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