Why is Therka always ridiculous laggy?

Is there a reason why Thurka is always very laggy? Is it due to high population?

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Thurka? Lol is it only on thurka you have this our also on salam and montoon


Is this a bug or does this just happen during high usage times?

I find it quite random - I have difficult times on Therka while playing smoothly on US servers and different way around.

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While I don’t know if it’s due to high population, low FPS is very common in large cities. If you’re out in the wilderness getting low FPS that might be your computer’s problem. If you are experiencing a rubberbanding type of lag with delayed actions that would be caused by high ping as Therka is an EU server. If you have have high ping on Therka and you live in EU I have no idea.

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Is it only Therka that you have an issue on? what sort of spec machine do you have?
If you can also share a game log I can have a look at whether there’s anything obvious happening that might be causing the lag client side.

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I actually have problems on all servers at various times with lag out of the blue while other connections on the internet at the same time is fine. I am not sure what data center or servers boundless runs on but this is been a known issue. It comes in waves… no issue… then big issue for a few minutes… then goes away for long time… rinse repeat…


I’m pulling my hair out on therka and munteen7. mobius plaza can be a nightmare period. for months now. But it’s random, comes in waves, so bad I have to reboot the game. Makes me wander if there is going to have to be a pop limit per planet, which might even help make people spread out.

@james actually the game is not playable tonight. therka and Munteen are flat out solid rubber banding and giving the unplayable connection error. I have awesome internet, and a decent pc. But tonight is just a nightmare. Those places give me trouble anyway from time to time. But it won’t even go away now. Is the servers okay today? 8pm us time

Do remember there are some pretty serious DDOS attacks out there now that can cause havoc across the internet… they do happen a lot lately…

Can that happen on just two servers or planets within a game?

The attacks I was mentioning were ones at various websites or services and the DDOS attack is so strong that it is affecting everyone based on the routes they take through the internet. So the ISP and core providers are having huge ping times even on their backbone. Now many of these attacks over the past month or so have been cleaned up but there are still some going on… so it could be that at times… Especially if other people are on the boundless server world and not experiencing the lag.

Ah okay. Gotcha. I forgot how those attacks worked. Thnx.

If you experience networking issues with a particular world, then there are 2 possible issues:

  1. The server itself is causing the issue, or

  2. The route from you to the server is causing the issue.

The simplest way to determine if it’s #1 is to ask other players on the server if they’re also experiencing issues. If everyone is simultaneously experiencing issues then it’s likely to be #1. But we capture many realtime hardware and server metrics from all the worlds. These are also connected to notifications we receive. So we generally know when things are happening.

But if other players have a solid experience, then it’s the route between you and the server. It could be very local: your wireless, your router, and contention on your network. Or your ISP. Or the Internet itself. Do not under estimate the effect of contention on your local or ISP networks.

I too have a decent 100Mbit+ connection at home. But some evenings it’s all over the place.

For example, at no point for the past week has the Therka server update cost been greater than 5ms.


When my local connection is solid my ping times to the Google DNS look like:


But when my local connection has some heavy Internet weather it looks like:

To be clear:

  1. The game is still in development and we’re working very hard to make sure it’s efficient, stable, scalable and solid for players.
  2. We have a lot of technology in the client and server to try and ride out variable connections.
  3. But there will still be circumstances when the Internet just doesn’t play ball.

If you’re having issues then try running a long running latency test to something local (for example a Google DNS server on


Thank You very much for the info. I am keeping a closer eye on it. I was’nt sure, and though I can build a pc and mod games, it’s by no means a decent education on networking and servers. Those 2 planets are playing ball now and running fine.

Thank you James. This information is very helpful.I cant say for certain, but I am willing to guess this is is the case. When I run my speed test I get a 250 mb/s which leads me to believe the issue is more about reliability of the ISP rather than enough bandwidth.