Why we need to be able to report or ignore other players

that’s bannable… check out this:

EDIT: This post is from a different developer!


I’d hard ban the little punk with out a refund.


I reckon any act of purposeful, hateful racism like this should be banned, like Havok says.


Yikes…that harsh. :flushed:

That dev threw the garbage out.

Sounds like Boundless devs need to do the same with the person in the screenshot in this thread.

Throw garbage out and clean hands. :smiley:

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When the Testing version is moved over to the live game, you will have the option to mute and report other players.


with all due respect i don’t want to mute this player! I don’t want to have to play the game with this person! there is absolutely NO reason this should be allowed ever!

“takes a deep breath and continues in a calm voice”
I understand what you are saying I would want to mute that right away however upon review i hope you guys choose to ban hammer this person.


yeah and the mute needs to be resetted thas kinda anoying muting is something ya want for longtimes
can we have a system so we have options
mute all people using curse-words (could be a underaged obligated option)
mute all people that have been reported to us racist talk
mute all people reported for advertising
mute all …


Those things can be put in the settings options too.

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Love all the feedback :slight_smile:

Sadly enough that guy is probably not even a racist, just a troll picking up on avatar skin color - kind of a person that just need to pick on anything to fill chat with garbage and distract

I would take a real racist any day every day over some immature angry teen whose life issues are beyond repairable for us.

It would be cool if we could somehow prohibit players with a bad “reputation” to visit our territories. Reputation consists of numbers of mutes/reports/temp bannes, whatever. You can apply this ban only to the baddies (really bad ones with hundreds of misdeeds). Just imagine if people start to ban you from cities/portals/shops - an outcast! No need to permaban i think, leave those lame guys to live in wilderness alone, lol, without option to speak or interact with society.

For exapmle if @the-moebius as warden of aquatopia ban someone from the city. Game starts to look much harder (add here Moebius Plaza and you doomed :smile:)


That would actually be so cool! You can befriend someone, why not have a blacklist as well? (No in-game interaction required, just search name engine and add to blacklist button). Such a player wouldn’t be able to enter your beacon and voila.
Wonder how difficult would that be to implement…


i talked about someone abusing my name insulting people as an alt to devs and they told me they have stuff like this in the pipeline they gonna start testing it with the new mute function i think
but wardens will have some powers in future i think
@james can explain this better :smile:
i actually dont know if i want to be the one to adressing these issues
running a city is allready a big job for a warden

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Holy moly that is a really good idea. I would love for that kind of protection.

I think not so easy :no_mouth: I think this game need system with self regulation. Devs don’t have headaches from all these stuff and people can preserve law and order) Bcs if this game will start to be filled with people - things will start look ugly pretty fast. Grieffers, trolls, simply rude/aggressive people… Simple mute don’t does not solve issue and permaban is not an option in my opinion (only for hacks).

Well, then we need a sheriffs in big cities) Some cool dude to which you can give portion of your power, to protect decent citizens :sunglasses:

At least this is something different)

Sorry for the delay in replying, it looks like I’ve quoted the wrong part (the original post has now been edited).

You can report players (and will be able to do so once Testing is moved over to the live game).



I wholeheartedly agree! This should be perma ban territory. Screenshot evidence is there. Get this salted slug dung off the servers!


Nice. Great feature! Thanks dev!

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Is there a way for developers to confirm a player has messaged abuse etc after they have been reported? No disrespect to anyone and I’m by no means saying this is the case here but screen shots can easily be photoshoped. If I was being insulted then I’d definitely take a screenshot of it to report but I’d also assume that someone can check to verify my accusation. If not then the system can be open to abuse. … as far as penalties then racist comments like that should surely be a total ban although I realise friends can sometimes say stupid things to each other and anyone seeing those comments won’t necessarily realise that and could report it which is why any accusation would have to be thoroughly investigated.