Will Boundless beat Minecraft in popularity?


What are your thoughts?


I never played Minecraft. A son did though and he always said Minecraft was good with horrible graphics. I got him Boundless awhile back. He says it’s interesting and far more graphically appealing than Minecraft. So, from that then I guess with the right marketing it’s possible Boundless would beat it.


If it’s marketed properly, then a big yes. I believe it has enough features, with more coming. Minecraft didn’t get huge advertising on Steam. They advertised world wide on larger mediums. In fact there are some games like PlayerUnknown that has over 700k players. But it is not as well known world wide as Minecraft.

PlayerUnknown became a star because they grabbed famous youtubers, and I have even seen live play-through’s using porn stars, playing this game grabbing the attention of every teenager out there. Truth is the game always has had a negative review. But advertising helped it sell over 700k downloads.

Boundless offers a lot more than that. So with the right advertising, imagine how big it can be.


I don’t think it’s really comparable. Minecraft is completely different niche. It’s much simpler and is more like Lego, it appeals to wider audience in sense of simplicity. Boundless on the other hand is mmorpg which brings in whole another bunch of people in. I think that Boundless hits the sweet spot for all of us that wanted something more than Minecraft and wanted more features and more complex building system. If Boundless manages to get the same level of success as Minecraft it will definitely be for different reasons. I see Boundless competing more with other mmorpgs than with other voxel building games (though there are other in the same group). I never found my mmorpg and also never was completely satisfied with other voxel games, Boundless hits the sweet spot between those for me :slight_smile:

p.s.: I did play mc for about 3 years


@Spoygg I agree. Also think of everyone that tried Minecraft, they ALL wanted more out of it. So when they gain the knowledge that Boundless is the answer to everything Minecraft didn’t have, thus throwing it into even a bigger category, the money is going to come raining all over James.

Many of us here tried Minecraft. And all those kids that tried it need to have their minds tickled that there is something way better, and offers so much that it’s a mmorpg, something Minecraft wanted to be, but didn’t have the ability to be when it was first created.


yep, in the end I’ve ended up playing on private server where there were land claims similar to what we have in Boundless, but after some time oversimplified building turned me off from that experience too. Boundless was godsend :smiley:


I play both, though only modded Minecraft. Vanilla MC is still bland, even with the updates they’re doing.

To me, Boundless doesn’t cover the modded MC side, so I will continue to play both :slight_smile:


I feel like to less people know about Boundless to become more popular then Minecraft anytime soon but with the right streamers/youtubers it might blow up, no doubt it has the potential though

But on the other hand, i used to play competitive Minecraft (HCF, Kingdom etc) not sure if I wanna see this game getting invaded by kids and toxic minemen


Right? I would love for this game to become huge. But that comes with a huge price. It’s like I grit my teeth in hopes it becomes huge. I want it all for myself. Maybe we each give 10% of our income for the rest of our lives to James, and he locks the game from anyone else. :kissing_heart:


Hi! I’m James! Send me your monies!






That’s weird… I tried to use the funky alphabet and it didn’t actually work. Just displayed the text. :thinking:

Is that paid DLC or something?




I think boundless couldn’t be releasing at a better time, honestly. Its similar enough to, but different enough from, Minecraft to catch the interest of people who are burnt out or getting burnt out on Minecraft. I know a lot of people who’ve basically grown up on that game. BUT ALSO, I think its similar enough to traditional MMO’s to get a lot of MMO’s junkies like myself on board. I’ve played WoW for over half of my life now. Its a good game. I’m a successful AH goblin. The new expansion looks cool. But I’m tired of doing the same old thing in a difference place. The same problems follows me when I branch out into different MMO’s. Most of them are more similar than they are different.

That’s actually how I found out about Boundless in the first place, actually. I was scraping through “Up Coming” MMO vids on Youtube, trying to find something to play that would hold my interest, when Boundless popped up in an honorable mention. I forget which video it was–I watched so many–but the vid maker basically called it a possible dark horse for MMO’s.

I agree. I’ve tried Boundless and I love it.

All in all, I think Boundless is probably going to attract a lot of the AH players and Crafter types who are looking for a new MMO home, as well as a good chuck of the Minecraft crowd. Its going to do well for itself.


I don’t see Boundless beating Minecraft. I have played both and where I aesthetically strongly prefer Boundless, Minecraft has more functionality.

For Boundless to overtake Minecraft it would have to have:

Dedicated servers
Animal taming/breeding
Female Models
More Advertising

These are my personal opinions I am fully aware, but the only things for me, and many others, that Boundless has over Minecraft are:

Seamless online world
Random meteor events (id like to see other events like the titans plz)
Graphically appealing
More sophisticated building
Leveling System

These are all good things and reasons i keep coming back, but i enjoy the aspects of fishing, farming, etc

There are obviously other things I enjoy that ARE in the game, like combat, but right now combat feels very shallow and limited. I was assuming this game was going to be a little bit more focused on fighting than it is, based on the advertisements from a few years ago with the large scale combat art (maybe it still will)

But with some ppl saying its releasing soon™ I have my doubts that anything i mentioned above, will be implemented in the base game, and if it comes as DLC, I wont be buying it.

P.S. this game doesn’t appeal to mmo junkies as much as you would think: I am one. It appeals to me because of my love for sandbox games. This game is anything but an RPG or MMO at its current state. There is no gear, no stats, no bosses, no linear progression for your character beyond leveling and allocating stats.


The will be private servers(idk if that’s the same as dedicated), farming has been said to be happening after 1.0, animal stuff idk…, Modding support will exist, there have been recent concepts of fish… Idk where that’s going, there are already ‘female’ models and I assume much more advertising will happen when 1.0 is ready :grinning:


It’s an interesting discussion, but Minecraft is a $4billion franchise - so the chance for any game to beat that in popularity is a very tall order. And as you note, the games aren’t the same - nor do they try to achieve the same things (though they are both voxel games with crafting, building, etc, of course).

I think what’s interesting is that with Boundless, most of the features you list (if not all) that Minecraft has on its side have every chance of being added to Boundless in the future in the general evolution of the game over time. For me, that’s one of the really exciting things about Boundless - the structure is there, and it’s a great foundation. But more content could be added indefinitely.


That’s a fair point. If you look at what Minecraft was when it left beta, it was nothing like it is today. In the same way, development is going to continue after 1.0, and boundless will hopefully expand in a similar fashion


right, i hope all of these things do come. I don’t actually really like Minecraft, especially after it changed over to Microsoft stuff and Xbox :frowning:

I also know that these things MAY come with time, but yeah, here’s hoping :smiley:
I do enjoy the game and I want to see it grow.