Will someone come see my guild hall?

I need someone to come to Malurialakrib and come check out my guild hall and give me feedback and/or help me figure out what else to do.

Coordinates are 842N, 1467E (Altitude: 69)

Or alternatively you can take the portal to Malurialakrib (Ultima) and I have an unnamed player portal beside Twisted Twins (behind the Galan Portal which you would have just come through)


This better not be a trap…


A trap how?


Your Guild Hall Beautiful


Good looking Guild Hall! You picked a good location!

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Is that you there rn?

For anyone who wants to talk to me, here’s a discord link https://discord.gg/dAcd3C

I’m on ps4 and it’s super hard to answer

Get yourself a keyboard to plug into your ps4! Honestly it’s a game changer for chat, and for signs and searching the knowledge tab

Yeah I’ve been thinking about it

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i recommend this i never use anything else now
i play pc but on the tv laying in my couch :smiley: