Will the game support the steam pad?

I just want to know if there are any plans for adding a optimized support for the steam pad next to the xbox controller? I pre-ordered one and I’m just curious :wink:


Yes - I also preordered one to explicitly make sure we have good support.

We want to make sure the game is equally playable with mouse+keyboard and controllers.


Hurraaaaayyy :slight_smile: :sunny:

Anything can support anything else if you try(google) hard enough

Most likely but built in support is always better, faster and more reliable.

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How about the VR system? Will it work with that?

We’ve looked a little at VR in the past. It’s not a top priority todo. (Making more game is!) But we would like to go back and add VR support in the future. So it’s definitely on the todo list.

But it’s worth explicitly saying the Oort will be first optimised for keyboard+mouse and controllers. Once these are great we’ll look again at full VR.